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Astrological symbols and the meaning of the symbols.

The planets are usually (but not always) broken down into four common elements: A circle denoting spirit, a crescent denoting the mind, a cross denoting practical/physical matter and an arrow denoting action or direction.
NameSymbolSymbol representsMeaning of symbol
SunSolSolar symbol (circled dot)Divine spirit (circle) surrounding seed of potential
MoonFirst quarter moonA crescent moonMind or evolving human spirit (crescent)
MercuryMercuryMercury's winged helmet and caduceusMind (crescent) poised over divine spirit (circle) and matter (cross)
VenusVenusVenus's hand mirror.Divine spirit (circle) over matter (cross)
EarthEarthEarth; also a Solar symbol (sun cross)Earth — the cardinal directions
MarsMarsMars's shield and spear.Drive/aim/force (arrow) over divine spirit (circle)
JupiterJupiterJupiter's thunderbolt or eagleMind (crescent) rising above the horizon of matter (cross)
SaturnSaturnSaturn's sickle or scytheMatter (cross) taking precedence over mind or human spirit (crescent)
UranusUranusH in symbol taken from discoverer's last name, HerschelThe circle of spirit and a dominant cross of matter, in form of an antenna that uses matter as a way to insight.
UranusDerived from a combination of the Mars and Sun symbolsAstronomical glyph often used astrologically. Drive/aim/force over a divine spirit (circle) surrounding seed of potential
NeptuneNeptuneNeptune's tridentMind or human spirit (crescent) transcending matter (cross)
PlutoPluto (alternate)Modification of Neptune's astrological symbolMind (crescent) transcending matter (cross) to reach for divine spirit (circle)
PlutoPL monogram for Pluto and Percival LowellAstronomical symbol often used astrologically

[edit] Signs of the zodiac

Unicode: ♈ ♉ ♊ ♋ ♌ ♍ ♎ ♏ ♐ ♑ ♒ ♓

NameMeaningSymbolSymbol Represents
AriesRamAries.svgFace and horns of ram
TaurusBullTaurus.svgFace and horns of bull
CancerCrabCancer.svgCrab's claws
LeoLionLeo.svgLion's head and mane
VirgoVirginVirgo.svgSheaf of barley
ScorpioScorpionScorpio.svgStinger of a scorpion
SagittariusArcherSagittarius.svgArrow of the centaur
Capricorn[26]Sea-goatCapricorn.svgBody and head of a goat with the tail of a fish.
Capricorn variant.svg
AquariusWaterbearerAquarius.svgRipples of water; sometimes modernly viewed as bolts of lightning, waves of aether, or electrically-charged water
PiscesFishPisces.svgTwo fish tied together yet swimming in opposite directions

[edit] Aspects

ConjunctionConjunction-symbol.svg0° angle/two or more planets in the same sign

A circle with a line implying two objects are in the same place (also, the starting point of an angle)

SemisextileSemisextile-symbol.svg30° angle/One sign apart

The intersecting lines from the inner angles of the upper half of a hexagon (see Sextile)

Semi-squareSemisquare-symbol.svg45° angle (also known as the "octile" or "semiquartile")

The bisecting line of a right angle (see Square)

SextileSextile-symbol.svg60° angle/Two signs apart

The intersecting lines from the inner angles of a hexagon

QuintileQuintile-symbol.svg72° angle
SquareSquare-symbol.svg90° angle (also known as the "quartile")/Three signs apart/Same modality

A regular quadrilateral that represents the right angle

TrineTrine-symbol.svg120° angle/Four signs apart/Same elemental triplicity

An equilateral triangle.

SesquiquadrateSesquisquare-symbol.svg135° angle (also known as the "sesquisquare," "square-and-a-half," and/or "trioctile")

The glyph of the Semi-Square under the glyph of the Square, implying the sum of them both

BiquintileBiquintile-symbol.svg144° angle
QuincunxQuincunx-symbol.svg150° angle (also known as the "inconjunct")/Five signs apart

The intersecting lines from the inner angles of the lower half of a hexagon (see Sextile)

OppositionOpposition-symbol.svg180° angle/Six signs apart

The glyph of the Conjunction plus a circle on top of its line, implying two objects are in front (opposed) of each other.

[edit] Lunar phases

New moonNew moonDenotes the new moon or a soli-lunar arc in the range 0°-45°.
Crescent moonCrescent moonDenotes a waxing crescent moon or a soli-lunar arc in the range 45°-90°.
First quarter moonFirst quarter moonDenotes a first quarter moon or a soli-lunar arc in the range 90°-135°.
Gibbous moonGibbous moonDenotes a waxing gibbous moon or a soli-lunar arc in the range 135°-180°.
Full moonFull moonDenotes a full moon or a soli-lunar arc in the range 180°-225°.
Disseminating moonDisseminating moonDenotes a waning gibbous moon or a soli-lunar arc in the range 225°-270°.
Last quarter moonLast quarter moonDenotes a last quarter moon or a soli-lunar arc in the range 270°-315°.
Balsamic moonBalsamic moonDenotes a waning crescent moon or a soli-lunar arc in the range 315°-360°.

[edit] Miscellaneous symbols

NameSymbolSymbol representsExplanation
AscendantAscendant-symbol.svgAngleThe ascendant (also known as the "ascensum coeli") is the rising intersection of the ecliptic with the celestial horizon at a particular moment in time; it is used in the construction of a horoscope/natal chart
MidheavenMidheaven-symbol.svgAngleThe midheaven (also known as the "medium coeli") is the point where the ecliptic crosses the local meridian; it is used in the construction of a horoscope/natal chart
Ascending NodeNorthnode-symbol.svgLunar nodeNot all astrologers use the lunar nodes; however, their usage is very important in Vedic astrology. They are alternately known as the "Dragon's Head" (Rahu, Caput Draconis, or Anabibazon) and the "Dragon's Tail" (Ketu, Cauda Draconis, or Catabibazon). The two nodes together are most commonly referred to simply as the nodal axis, the lunar nodes, or the Moon's nodes.
Descending NodeSouthnode-symbol.svgLunar node
Black Moon LilithLilith symbol.svgLunar apogeeThe traditional Black Moon Lilith is the position of the mean lunar apogee as measured from the geocenter; variants of the Black Moon include replacing the mean orbit with a "true" osculating orbit or with an interpolated orbit; charting the empty focus of the Moon's orbit instead of the apogee; and measuring the desired point's barycentric or topocentric position instead of its geocentric position.[29]
Retrograde motionRetrograde-symbol.svgApparent retrograde motionSymbol represents the apparent retrograde motion of a planet in an astrological chart
CometComet-sym.svgCometDifferent comets often use different symbols, but the use of comets is not widespread in mainstream astrology
CeresCeresAsteroidScythe (handle down), emblematic of Ceres as goddess of grain. A stylized sickle, a crescent of receptivity resting on a cross of matter.
2 PallasPallasAsteroidA spear (variant has triangle on top)
Alchemical symbol for sulfur (both variants) see also Asteroids in astrology)
10 HygieaHygieaAsteroidA serpent coiled around Asclepius' rod
HygieaTwo serpents coiled around the rod. (Alternative astrological symbol)
3 JunoJunoAsteroidThe scepter (of a queen, Juno is the Roman equivalent of Greek Hear) topped with a star
4 VestaVestaAsteroidThe fire on the hearth or altar (Roman equivalent of Greek Hestia)
2060 ChironChironCentaurStylized body of a centaur (the circle is the horse part, the K-like glyph is the human part)
Lot of fortunePartoffortune-symbol.svgLotGlyph for planet Earth rotated 45 degrees.
ErisErisDwarf planetAn Eye of Providence; proposed by astrologer Zane B. Stein[30]
ErisThe Hand of Eris; also used non-astrologically by Discordians[30]
ErisIn use by astrologers in Poland and by the astrology software Urania[30][31]
ErisBased on the symbols for Pluto, Mars, and Venus; proposed by Henry Seltzer and used in Time Passages[30][32]

[edit] Unicode encodings

MoonFirst quarter moonU+263D
Last quarter MoonU+263E
1 CeresCeresU+02A1ʡ
2 PallasPallasU+26B4
3 JunoJunoU+26B5
4 VestaVestaU+26B6
2060 ChironChironU+26B7
ErisErisnot present--
Erisnot present--
Erisnot present--
Erisnot present--
Pluto (alternate)not present--
Capricorn variant.svg
Semi-squareSemisquare-symbol.svg≈ U+2220
BiquintileBiquintile-symbol.svgU+0062 U+0051bQ
New moonNew moonU+1F311��
Crescent moonCrescent moonU+1F312��
First quarter moonFirst quarter moonU+1F313��
Gibbous moonGibbous moonU+1F314��
Full moonFull moonU+1F315��
Disseminating moonDisseminating moonU+1F316��
Last quarter moonLast quarter moonU+1F317��
Balsamic moonBalsamic moonU+1F318��
AscendantAscendant-symbol.svgnot plain textASC
MidheavenMidheaven-symbol.svgnot plain textMC
Ascending nodeNorthnode-symbol.svgU+260A
Descending nodeSouthnode-symbol.svgU+260B
Black Moon LilithLilith symbol.svgU+26B8
Retrograde motionRetrograde-symbol.svg≈ U+211E
Lot of fortunePartoffortune-symbol.svg≈ U+2297

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