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 Planet Rising

The first angle is called The Ascendant and represents Dawn. The sign at this placement is called "The Rising Sign" and is said to have a lot to do with how you come across to others, your image and a fair amount about your personality. Sometimes the Rising Sign may describe someone more closely than the Sun sign does. Others say it affects how you look physically. For instance, a Sagittarius Rising often indicates a long "horse" face. People with Scorpio Rising often have high, arched eyebrows. A Cancer Rising is said to have a round Moon face.
Having a planet "on the Ascendant" gives that planet a special strength. It may be in the 1st House, effecting the personality type, or it may be in the 12th house, where certain planets express themselves very strongly, although often in a less conscious fashion. Both positions are still considered "on the Ascendant" if they come within a few degrees of the actual Ascendant. The closer they are, the stronger the potential effect they may have on the individual's behavior.

The Sun on the Ascendant indicates a very strong, magnetic personality, self-confidence and a zest for life. It usually represents someone who can get up in the morning "with the Sun." (The sign the Sun is in will tell more about how they actually express themselves once they are up.)

The Moon in this position indicates a very emotional person who needs others to notice them and respond to them. They may be hypersensitive and very moody. They may also be very talkative and love a certain amount of drama.

Mercury on the Ascendant indicates a person who navigates his or her way through life by logical reasoning, quick thinking, and usually develops the ability to communicate to a fine art. They are often very witty. They may encounter the world through their minds, rather than through experience and sometimes respond to what they "think" is happening, rather than what is actually happening.

A "Venus on the Ascendant" person is usually beautiful and knows how to use their looks and their charm to get them what they want. Their social skills are highly developed and fashion is important. They generally hang around chic places with wealthy people and may be part of the popular clique.

Mars on the Ascendant usually corresponds to a very physical type of person, who may be athletic and strong, of robust constitution physically or one who confronts life sexually. Note that Bill Clinton has Mars and Neptune both conjunct on the Ascendant and he's known for his sexually explicit behavior which is clouded around issues of deception and confusion. The Mars personality is usually very direct, even blunt, can be egotistic and selfish, competitive or goal- oriented. Other factors may soften this effect or aggravate it into an aggressive temperament. President Clinton's Mars is softened by a Venus conjunction, which explains why he says all the right things to people, despite the contradictions (Neptune). This is an excellent placement for any type of competitor, most especially an athlete, as well as a salesperson on commission or a politician running for office.

Jupiter on the Ascendant indicates an expansive personality with a generous nature and often a hardy laugh. They tend to be lucky at whatever they do, and are popular because they know how to have fun and sometimes become generous benefactors. They may be overly dramatic and can be big spenders and gamblers, but when it comes to higher knowledge, they are often very gifted.

Saturn on the Ascendant makes a person rather serious and wise beyond their years. They are often studious and patient, paying attention to detail and are willing to take the necessary steps to fulfill their dreams, which are often set quite high. The term "perseverance furthers" especially applies to such people. They may also be very self-critical and sometimes lack self-confidence as a result of difficult circumstances early in life when in the first house.

Uranus on the Ascendant indicates a somewhat unusual person who is totally unpredictable. They may be impatient and restless, creative artists or disruptive and unconventional, yet on the cutting edge of tomorrow's trends. But put them into a box and they will rebel and instigate others to do the same. They can be inspired leaders, the loner, or even the wise but eccentric "the fool on the hill" in certain circumstances.

Neptune on the Ascendant can be the artist, the psychic, the spiritual guru, the enlightened one, or the airy-fairy out-of-touch-with-reality dreamer. They may perceive reality from another dimensional perspective than most and may be rather hard to pin down. Therefore, they can be unintentionally deceptive and may do whatever is asked of them. But they can experience other worldly realms like no other and may experience the blissful consciousness of Oneness with all beings. Meditation is one path to spirituality they would excel in or they could find themselves thrashing around in a mental institution or prison, or in a therapist's chair trying to find their way. They can be so sensitive to others that it's very difficult for them to know who they are. They often become whatever their peers and culture make of them. Vincent Van Gogh is a Neptune on the Ascendant type.

Pluto on the Ascendant are mysterious types, often fascinated with "the Dark Side" of life, death, vampires, the "Gothic" look, and wearing black. They are disgusted with superficiality and mediocrity, demanding deep commitment and intensity. They prefer profound intimacy but when angry, can respond with violent tempers, often exhibiting extraordinary jealousy. Though they relish knowing all your secrets, they are reluctant to reveal their own.


Chiron on the Ascendant is often the sign of a Healer. Most Healers become so because of some great wound they carry, sometimes a disease and other times a psychological "blight" of some kind that leaves the person severely scared on some level. Because their wound is profound, the path to healing is usually long and arduous and in their youth, they may not feel like a Healer at all. So in early life, Chiron on an angle can signify someone in need of a profound healing experience. But as life progresses, and they are forced to face the cause of their wounding and/or disease and will learn many techniques to try to heal themselves, they come to learn a great deal about both the wound or illness and multiple ways to go about alleviating their pain and healing their core issues. Their wound may mark them for life and they may carry it as a badge.


North Node on the Ascendant means there is something you came here to do and whatever it is, you will be compelled to follow its Path. The sign it is in will give you clues to what this Life Direction is all about but this Purpose of yours will consume you and push you until you can manifest it in a very personal way in your life. It may be that becoming truly who you are is key, or that whatever you do with your life must come from deep within you and become a part of you. You and your Life's Work are not separate - they are somehow one.

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Mission StatementORDER YOUR REPORTLiving In Harmony With God.The HexagonHonoring GodWater In CreationKabbalahLunar Insight New'sTalents and WealthJupiter's BlessingNatal JupiterDr. Martin Luther KingThe President And The First LadyHillary Clinton and Donald TrumpThe AstrologerLost Identity.PrayerWar In HeavenLunar InsightGod's CreationThe Great MysteryGod's Hidden Mysteries.Tapping The Secrets Of The Universe.The Sabbath DayThe Sabbath Date'sAstrology And The BibleThe Wise MenThe Star Of DavidArc Of The CovenantThe True HebrewsThe True ApostleThe First ChristiansReligionsPlanetary HoursToxic RelationshipsThe Hidden Treasure.A time for Marriage and a time for Divorce.A Time For HealingHealth & Wellness.Medical AstrologyPlanets in Our Solar SystemSaturn In SagittariusSolar And Lunar EclipseThe Star RigelThe ElementsAstrological SymbolsChironAstrology AspectsSolar Return Part 1Solar Return Part 2Solar Return Part 3Planet's transiting the zodiac.Sun Transit P/T 1Sun Transit P/T 2Sun Transit P/T 3Progressed Planet AspectsRetrograde PlanetsThe Retrograde's Shadow'sMercury In The SignsMercury RetrogradeMercury Retrograde StoriesVenus RetrogadeMars RetrogradeJupiter RetrogradeSaturn RetrogradeUranus RetrogradeNeptune RetrogradePluto RetrogradeSun and moon aspects in friendship.The MoonThe New MoonYour Moon SignThe Sun & MoonSun and Moon Combination 1Sun and Moon Combination 2Sun and Moon Combination 3Sun and Moon Combination 4Sun and Moon Combination 5Sun and Moon Combination 6Sun and Moon Combination 7Sun and Moon Combination 8Sun and Moon Combination 9Sun and Moon Combination 10Sun and Moon Combination 11Sun and Moon Combination 12Cutting Hair By Moon PhasesVenus Through the signsPlanet RisingAries RisingTaurus RisingGemini RisingCancer RisingLeo RisingVirgo RisingLibra RisingScorpio RisingSagittarius RisingCapricorn RisingAquarius RisingPisces RisingNew Heaven And New EarthJasperSapphireChalcedonyEmeraldSardonyxCarnelianChrysoliteBerylTopazChrysopraseJacinthAmethystThe Wheels Of EzekielBook Of EnochBook Of JobLost Books Of The BiblePictures

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