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The Progressed Aspects.

The Progressed Sun in Aspect


Progressed Sun conjunct Ascendant You're pulling out of a long period of self-imposed obscurity, only you probably never thought of it that way. This is literally a year of personal sunrise when you can put your best foot forward with every step. Why be shy when you can be right in their faces, strutting your stuff? Don't hesitate, propel yourself.


Progressed Sun sextile or trine Ascendant Anything you do is likely to make you look good, especially when you let your purposes and intentions be fully clear. The less you hide your talents, the more appreciated you will be, and you won't have to overexert yourself to get there. Just go with your own flow, and the glow will be self-evident to everyone.


Progressed Sun square or opposition Ascendant You're going into a new phase of life that may be focused more on your relationships and accomplishments than your personal self-image. It's not so much about who you are but rather who you're with, what you've done, how you live. Quality of life issues outweigh your ego: make something to strive for.

Progressed Sun conjunct the Midheaven This is an excellent aspect for putting all your attention and energy into getting ahead and fulfilling your ambitions. Your home life may take a back seat while this aspect is in the Progressed Chart, and you are likely to be strong-willed and unwilling to make compromises. Pursue your objectives, but try not to be so willful that you alienate others unnecessarily.


Progressed Sun sextile or trine Midheaven It is becoming easier, even effortless, to promote your reputation. By focusing on what makes you great, you don't have to make up reasons for promotion, as you will create your own reputation just because of what you do. Let your record speak for itself, and it will.


Progressed Sun square or opposition Midheaven You're in a life phase that brings up the importance of inner, personal issues at the expense of exterior, career concerns. Somehow the rat race has less appeal and relationships and life on the home front become the values you treasure more. You can't take it with you, so it's human company that is truly priceless.


Progressed Sun conjunct Moon This year should mark a level of getting in touch with your feelings beyond your wildest expectations. In a phrase, the way you act and react suddenly become one. You have reached an equilibrium few are privileged to achieve, so watch what you are doing right as it happens, you may be called on to repeat it.


Progressed Sun sextile or trine Moon Chances are you are running on all cylinders, with little internal/external conflict. What you intend and what you feel are working hand in glove, so you know what you're doing even if nobody else does. That kind of consistency makes for a good shoulder to lean on -- just select well whom you allow to lean there.


Progressed Sun square or opposition Moon You may find that your intentions and your feelings are not quite on the same wavelength for the moment, which can make you seem unsure of yourself. This may be because you are getting mixed signals from the players around you, so you have to throw one way and catch in another. Or it may be issues inside that are stewing a bit until you readjust your external situation.

Progressed Sun conjunct Mercury If it seems like a brainstorm, it probably is -- you've arrived at a moment when you have a suddenly increased understanding of where you heart and intentions in life lie. The ability to express and explain where you're at is blossoming, and what might have only been thought or hinted at gets put down on paper and fuels conversation.


Progressed Sun sextile Mercury Because it looks like you can put your finger on just how you come to your conclusions, you probably won't have to explain yourself right now. Just take it for granted that you know what you're doing, and others will go along with it. Whatever you do, it will look like well-laid plans, however spontaneous.


Progressed Sun conjunct Venus You know what you want one hundred percent, and you're going to go for it. Your charm factor is way up, but it's also evident that you're looking for something, so try not to be so obvious. You're in total tune with your hunger, so get what you need but don't give out too much warning, which may alarm your object of desire.


Progressed Sun sextile or trine Venus There's no slip between the cup and the lip right now, so don't have a second thought about quaffing down your favorite pleasures, whatever or whomever they might be. You'll probably have plenty of time to justify what your heart tells you it wants to your brain, so relax and enjoy it, it's for you.


Progressed Sun conjunct Mars You're tapping a reservoir of innate energy, a gusher that will fuel any project or need for the moment. It won't last forever, but the experience will; take note of where you're pulling your power from so you can reproduce the rush when you need another dose. A once-in-a-lifetime hit should have an available encore.


Progressed Sun sextile or trine Mars You feel you have an overabundance of energy to support yourself, and that's pretty much correct. You don't have to go an extra mile to get an extra credit right now, as you've got the follow-through to do what's necessary without extra investment. When it feels right, you've got the extra juice to make it so.


Progressed Sun square or opposition Mars Pushing too hard will get you nowhere, and although you may think you should go an extra mile right about now, you probably shouldn't. The urge to make progress and expend energy is high, but the results may be diminishing returns, so step back and take a second look at where you're committing your resources.


Progressed Sun conjunct Jupiter If you're beginning to think you're the next big thing, you're probably right. At least, you're stretching your imagination to the limit and you're feeling you're well ahead of your own game. When you're sure that everyone else agrees, then make your move, as your self-assurance will take care of the rest.


Progressed Sun sextile or trine Jupiter It's easier than ever to get a hold on the big picture, and well-laid plans will have long-range effects that don't require nearly as much effort as you might have thought. If you walk in like you own the place, you will, so feel free to indulge in your biggest visions and they will become dreams come true.


Progressed Sun square or opposition Jupiter It can be easy to overdo things right about now, so take care not to spend more energy and enthusiasm on pet projects than they in fact merit. If at first you don't succeed, don't try, try again. Try something else. There's no point in throwing good money after bad, and that goes for your personal energy as well.


Progressed Sun conjunct Saturn This aspect in the Progressed chart will nag you to turn your attention to your duties and your responsibilities: things you may not want to do, but feel you must. These duties can be more imagined than real, but they often are very intense. One measure of the mastery of life is to be able to recognize reality, and this is a good time to begin to disseminate. What you accomplish under this progression could be of lasting benefit when you follow the illumination of the Sun and the discipline of Saturn. This is an excellent time for organization and planning, to promote form and order. Just don't let it extend to the point of trying to order and organize people--you could meet resistance. Your energy may be low, so you will need to conserve it by careful planning and doing only what is necessary. You will feel pressure from any necessary tasks you leave undone during this period. This may not be an emotionally comfortable aspect when it comes to relating to people, but don't dwell on feelings of loneliness and depression. Get to work--that is what this energy is all about.


Progressed Sun sextile or trine Saturn You're likely to be taken for a steady hand and a shoulder to lean on right now. In fact, you are both, and you can carry it off with ease. Your ability to separate the inconsequential from the quintessential allows you to do more with less and not even notice it. Economy of motion makes every move count.


Progressed Sun square or opposition Saturn If you're tempted to be overly self-critical, cut it out! Everyone has their limitations, but you should avoid dwelling on yours, or anyone else's for that matter. Cutting corners will not get you where you want to go, so be a little more generous with yourself than you might think you should be. You're worth it, every bit.


Progressed Sun conjunct Uranus This year may be quite an eye-opener, as some of your most original approaches surface and you're likely to be willing to take chances on new, untested methods that have only just occurred to you. You can sell your offbeat side if you're ready to temper it with a veneer of caution, don't just spring it on people unannounced.


Progressed Sun sextile or trine Uranus If you're beginning to think you're the next big thing, you're probably right. At least, you're stretching your imagination to the limit and you're feeling you're well ahead of your own game. When you're sure that everyone else agrees, then make your move, as your self-assurance will take care of the rest.


Progressed Sun square or opposition Uranus It may be hard to keep an even course as intermittent inspiration suggests contrary movements, and it's hard to be sure just what direction you want to stay with. Avoid hasty decisions and collect possibilities and weigh them before making final commitments, however tempting spur-of-the-moment opportunities may seem.


Progressed Sun conjunct Neptune A drifting and perhaps moody period enables you to get in touch with your dream world and pull some things up from your depths that had been waiting for a daylight audition. It's a good time for making promises that can be put off, and a bad time for writing down your personal direction in stone. Let things gel and crystallize, before you sign.


Progressed Sun sextile or trine Neptune Feeling your way may get you there faster than following the directions on a map. When you're confident of your way, others will follow your strides without requiring chapter and verse game plans. You needn't explain yourself, just display self-assurance and move ahead with the clearly evident tide around you.


Progressed Sun square or opposition Neptune Periodic shifts of internal direction are marking inner visions that need to grow to regulation size before you pull them up into your net. Don't confuse a wise delay with indecision, as sometimes stepping too quickly forward can cause greater delay than total inaction. Savor uncertainty like you would sip a new wine.


Progressed Sun conjunct Pluto. The Sun illuminates regeneration needs when in relation to Pluto. This aspect indicates intense experiences which will not allow you to operate only at the surface level. In the Progressed chart, it can set the stage for major changes in your life that would have long-lasting effects. On the other hand it could just motivate you to repair something that has broken down, such as a car, an appliance, a relationship, or someone's health. You will get deeply involved in whatever you do now, as Pluto works from deep within your psyche.


Progressed Sun conjunct North Node of the Moon. This configuration in the Progressed chart can create conditions which will limit your leadership and power potential. You are not swept along by events, and there-in lies your opportunity to turn the aspect to your benefit. Apparent set-backs are from former karma when you pursued your own selfish desires above all other considerations. Now is the opportunity for balance, and to use the laws of cause and effect to clean up your act.


Progressed Sun conjunct South Node of the Moon. This configuration in the Progressed Chart can indicate that major circumstances in your environment could deny you opportunities and inhibit your resources for self-expression. Obstacles could be thrown in your path, making achievement of your desires difficult now, especially limiting your leadership and power potential. The karma here, is that you learn what it is like to be thwarted by the actions of others.


Progressed Mercury in Aspect


Progressed Mercury conjunct Ascendant Your ability and inclination to express yourself in person are way up, and you can make your case clearly and convincingly anytime and anywhere you show up. You don't have to look into a mirror to see yourself, and understanding what you project allows you any touchups or even makeovers you choose.


Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Ascendant The way you are handling the subjects you have your head on right now also makes you look better, younger, and more invigorated in person. What you are thinking shows on your face, and your personal presence furthers your plans. Your ability to communicate is heightened by your body language and the nuances of your facial expressions.


Progressed Mercury square or opposition Ascendant Your mind may be less on your personal appearance and more on other seemingly more important things, but do not neglect the way you look or the image you project in person. Don't waste too much time doing touchups, but don't forget to take care of the basics so you'll preserve what you've got for further consideration when time allows.


Progressed Mercury conjunct Sun You can spin your personal yarn in ways you never thought possible, and you can state your intentions with a will and without hesitation. Just be sure that in the process you don't become too wrapped up in yourself or let your ego take too firm a charge of your brain. Standing back from personal issues may take a couple of tries.


Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Sun No need to spend time justifying what you're about, as the first few sentences explain it all. An easy contact between head and heart allows you to get on with what you want to be without spending too much time figuring it out or making excuses for it. What you mean is what you say, so be short and sweet.


Progressed Mercury conjunct Moon Any blockages connected with expressing your feelings just plain disappear at this time in your life. It's as if you've found your tongue. Home and family are the focus for much thought and planning, and are apt to be abuzz with activity. Young people play a bigger role than usual now - teaching may be a part of this. Generally a favorable time for real estate transactions, all else being equal.


Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Moon You're into a period when translating your feelings into words comes more easily -- probably to the extent that you don't give it a second thought. Your reactions are clearer and the absence of crossed wires enables you to concentrate on more important things. It goes without saying, because you've already said it.


Progressed Mercury square or opposition Moon Putting your feelings into words may be a longer process than you'd like right about now, so why not try other forms of expression? What can't be easily said can still be expressed in more direct forms, starting with body language. If you find yourself becoming tongue-tied, remember there are other uses for your tongue.


Progressed Mercury conjunct Venus If you can't say what you want now, you never will. In fact, you can list it all chapter and verse, so go ahead and do so, so you can collect later. Your eye for beauty and balance is particularly clear, and your ability to put abstract design into concrete form is something you can cash in on if you choose to.


Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Venus Planning the road to satisfaction becomes ever easier, as what the eye envisions is just naturally what pleases without a second thought. Smooth words and warming thoughts make you both supportive and supported, as what you see is what you like, and what you like is all around you to be plucked when you choose.


Progressed Mercury square Venus You can talk about what you want all day and still have difficulty putting your finger on it, so action may speak louder than words in achieving your goals. Don't explain your needs to the grocer when you can just fill your cart and move on to the checkout line. Proffering or taking advice can get in the way of just giving and receiving.


Progressed Mercury conjunct Mars The increased ability to plan and choose your actions means you can both extend your effectiveness and conserve your energies. Thoughtful maneuvers make others take up your cause and pitch in to help, allowing you to fit in and use the momentum to your advantage. Explain what you're doing, and all will go along with it.


Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Mars Maintaining your course at cruising speed should require minimum effort for a while, so take the time to figure out just how you've got things distributed and what you're doing right. Having a detailed snapshot of your successes now will help you out when you need to apply them to challenges down the road.

You have a way of stirring people with words now and of getting fired up by the eloquence of others, as well. This could be one of the best times to set new plans in motion and to get others to support you by convincing them that it's the smart thing to do.


Progressed Mercury square Mars Figuring out ways around obstacles that prevent you from doing what you want and getting where you want to be has a way of keeping your mental gears turning at this time in your life. Change is in the air, and you need to change your plans accordingly - if you don't, you encounter increasing resistance. Harsh words, hasty actions, or impatience may lead you to do things you'll regret later.


Progressed Mercury opposition Mars Controversy can really stir things up for you now - and there's plenty of it to go around if you want to get in on it. You feel very strongly about convincing other people that you're right, and you can get very heated in the process... too much for you own good, in fact. Disagreements can turn ugly if you lose control.

Progressed Mercury conjunct Jupiter It's a year to get specific with your ambitions and turn your big picture into a working plan. You can get your head around challenging concepts that may have been waiting in the wings for your go-ahead. Well-conceived preparations laid down now will provide the groundwork for a new world of accomplishment.


Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Jupiter When you've got a solid plan, you can achieve almost anything, and right now you're in maximum planning mode, even though you may not even notice it. Big thinking comes easy, accompanied by the appropriate strategies to turn imagination into accomplishment. Trust your insights, don't take them for granted.


Progressed Mercury square or opposition Jupiter It can be easy to overstate the obvious and allow your ambitions to get drowned in talk and explanation. A few good words are all that is needed, but just the right ones may be hard to find. This may be the time to weed out the superfluous and cut to the quick. If it requires too much discussion, it may not be for you.


Progressed Mercury conjunct Saturn This is a time for being wise, not just smart. Calm and deliberate thinking pays off for you and wins the respect of others. Serious business initiatives begun now have good prospects, provided you're well informed and sufficiently capitalized. This is an excellent time to think about long-term financial security, to size up your obligations and then set out a plan for accomplishing your goals.


Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Saturn Clarity of thought comes ever more easily as you get rid of the chaff, and what is truly necessary becomes the natural focus of your understanding. You won't mince words, and what you say will command ever greater respect as your position will be unshakeable. When your arguments are rock solid, who could disagree?


Progressed Mercury square or opposition Saturn When you don't know your limitations, they can trip you up. On the other hand, if you talk too much about them, they become the focus and you lose focus. It's all about figuring out just what's necessary and what's not right now, without slowing yourself down too much in the process. Omit needless words.


Progressed Mercury conjunct Uranus Bright new ideas are the order of the day, and your inventiveness is gearing up for a new peak. Expect sudden flashes of inspiration and be ready to write them down so you don't forget. Promote your positions with diplomacy, however, as they may seem over-the-top to some until they become used to the new approach.


Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Uranus Keeping your ideas fresh is the order of the day, and it's likely to be happening without your thinking too much about it. But don't take your talent for granted, or let others do so -- check out just what it is you are doing right and where you're sensing the leading edge and be sure you get credit for it.


Progressed Mercury square or opposition Uranus Inspiration can be on-again off-again, and ideas that seem like brilliant flashes at one moment may turn out to be flash-in-the-pan history the next. The trick is to pick out the diamond in the rough from all the chipped rhinestones. There's gold in them thar hills, and only some of it is fool's gold, so stay on nugget alert.


Progressed Mercury conjunct Neptune There's a fine line between visionary thinking and confused logic, and that's the line of intention. This is a good time to be a beautiful dreamer and outline new possibilities -- it is not such a good time for trying to make impossibilities come true. Don't insist on logic when it's not needed -- there's plenty of time later.


Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Neptune Intuition provides endless shortcuts to challenges of the mind, and when you're in a bind for a solution, feeling it through may go further than thinking it through. You've got a good handle on your hunches right now, and you don't have to gamble big to win big. Just follow your nose and it will lead you right to dinner.


Progressed Mercury square or opposition Neptune Making yourself perfectly clear may be perfectly impossible at this time, and when you lose your thread, admit it and be ready to start over. Sometimes wandering off the path leads to new discoveries, other times just delay and recovery. Expect a mix of both for a while, and be ready to exploit what you run across.


Progressed Mercury conjunct Pluto Mental blocks can have you up against a wall, and you may have to completely blow away the obstacles to get a clear course. That may mean abandoning old approaches and busting up long-held prejudices and opinions that are holding up progress. Just watch that your own determination/stubbornness isn't part of the problem.


Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Pluto Solid ideas gain force not only from their own weight but from the strength of their supporters. If you make it clear you've no doubt about where you stand, less doubt will be cast upon it. You needn't back up what you say with force, only seem willing to do so and that will have all the needed effect.


Progressed Mercury square or opposition Pluto Roadblocks appear that are really just in the mind but nevertheless hold things up. A few well-placed shots may break up resistance but may also drag you into more confrontation, so choose your shots well and be ready to make an end run that leaves them all sitting and wondering what just happened.


Progressed Mercury conjunct Midheaven Your status and reputation now depend in large part on your ability to communicate and your command of the pertinent facts. Career can shift into high gear; people in positions of authority are important sources of information. You're more in touch with the public and the world at large than with your private life and family situation, all else being equal.



Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Midheaven You needn't think too much about what they are saying about you, as you've probably got a natural feel for it right about now. It might be good to document any praises that come along, as later you may want to reexamine how you earned them so you can repeat your successes under new circumstances.


Progressed Mercury square or opposition Midheaven Your head may not be as involved with maintaining your social and professional status, which could bring the repercussions you might expect from neglect. Other issues may truly be more important, but take some time (but don't waste too much) patching up your public relations to maintain your perceived position.


Progressed Mercury Stationary Retrograde You have reached a mental turning point which, for the next couple of decades, will see you reconsidering the way you organize your thoughts and analyze your actions. You may find yourself taking time for that second opinion that allows you to pick up stitches that might otherwise have been dropped. You may not be as immediately vocal as you were, but your word will count for more when you express it.


Progressed Mercury Stationary Direct You are reaching an internal turning point after which you will be less inclined to mull things over and wait for more information before making decisions. It's becoming time to let your already-considered opinion become public knowledge and speak out on subjects that might earlier have caused you hesitation.


Progressed Venus in Aspect


Progressed Venus Stationary Direct There is a natural feeling developing inside you that you have spent enough time weighing your options and that you can comfortably make decisions on just what you want and don't want out of life. It's time to take a pass on things that just won't satisfy and point the rest of your life toward embracing your true desires.


Progressed Venus conjunct Ascendant. This conjunction bestows upon you a pleasant appearance and personal mannerisms which are pleasing and harmonious. Your ability to express these qualities bring harmony and beauty into your surroundings. You need to appreciate the source of these gifts, use them appropriately, and avoid any tendencies toward narcissism.


Progressed Venus sextile or trine Ascendant You don't have to check your mirror to know you're looking good. When you get what you want from other areas, your complexion reflects your satisfaction, and that becomes the substitute for self-image. When you're doing what you like, it will show up more than skin deep as an infectious glow from within.


Progressed Venus square or opposition Ascendant You may be thinking that your physical appearance needs fixing, but you're not satisfied with what can be done about it. This may not be of your own making, but rather from feedback in other areas you're paying more attention to. Don't let others, or your involvement in them, dictate your image. Do it yourself, in your own time, to your own satisfaction.


Progressed Venus conjunct Sun It's increasingly nice to be you, and you may be quickly becoming your own greatest admirer. When all you need is to be you, you're one up on the rest of the world and it gives you a glow of satisfaction that makes you an object of desire. When you applaud yourself, the world follows suit.


Progressed Venus sextile Sun A calm, assured demeanor displays that you really like what's going on inside of you and you really don't waste much time worrying about it. When you're happy and you know it clap your hands, and universal applause follows. The focus is no longer on getting yourself there, it's using what you've got in the best possible way.


Progressed Venus conjunct Moon It's about feeling good, or rather, feeling good about your feelings. You'll find yourself owning up and taking charge of the way you react to situations and wanting to do more of it. You don't have to take charge to feel profoundly satisfied. Sometimes catching that last out at the plate makes you the star of the game.


Progressed Venus sextile or trine Moon You've moved into a period where expressing your feelings honestly will get you pretty much what you want without having to insist or repeat yourself. You don't have to try, just do it. You might, however, stand back and take a look at what you're doing right so you can repeat yourself later. Giving and taking meld for the moment.


Progressed Venus square or opposition Moon. This aspect in the Progressed Chart can bring concerns about finances and the standard of living (aesthetics) into sharp awareness. Personality and emotions are heightened, making judgments take on an emotional direction during this progression. Beware of the tendency for criticism in emotional relationships. Cultivate patience and practice serenity.


Progressed Venus conjunct Mercury Chances are your thinking cap is becoming your hat of choice, and you're really beginning to appreciate what it's like to love someone for their mind. And in this case, that someone is you. Drinking in knowledge and learning, organizing your life, and just communicating are profound sources of satisfaction and attract praise outside as well as in.


Progressed Venus sextile or trine Mercury You're probably fairly confident that your best-laid schemes are going to succeed, and, in fact, the more you feel like that the more right you will be. Your desires are in tune with your ability to figure them out and satisfy them -- a great place to be. Remember that later on should you begin to want more than you need.


Progressed Venus square Mercury You may be wanting more than you believe you can arrange, or you may doubt your ability to think your way through issues to success. Don't put yourself down, because you're wrong about that, but do use the occasion to tighten up your act where needed and attend to details of your plans that may not be up to snuff.


Progressed Venus sextile Venus Although you may not have gotten everything you want in life (who does?), you're probably pretty sure of what that is and your progress toward getting it. You're not likely to be slowed by changing your goals or unhappiness with what you've got, so it's all forward motion -- at least as far as what you've got your sights on.


Progressed Venus square Venus It may be hard to make up your mind about what you want, as what used to satisfy seems to have run out on you and what you'd like to have is unavailable. That may be true to an extent, but it's also a state of mind that passes. You'll find that what you truly like doesn't really change much in the end, you just have to get reacquainted and refreshed from time to time.


Progressed Venus conjunct Mars When you do it, you like it, and the more you put out, the more you want to do it some more. That applies to about any kind of energy you expend, but especially to energy that is appetite-driven and pleasure-intensive. If you could eat yourself for breakfast, you might -- but why not let someone else do that?


Progressed Venus sextile or trine Mars Your passions are pretty much in line with your ability to deliver on them, so you're probably scoring what you want and maybe taking it a bit for granted. Others might envy your state, however, and so might you when you look back on it. Ask yourself what is the key to your success, then put it in your pocket for safekeeping.


Progressed Venus square or opposition Mars You may not always feel that your efforts are getting you what you want, but that may be more the result of your changing tastes than of your ability to serve them. Determine your desires and don't move the goal posts before you can get your kick in the air -- then it will sail smack between the uprights.


Progressed Venus conjunct Jupiter You're going to be wanting to take a much bigger bite out of life -- why go for what you've been content with when you can spring for the max? This can double your pleasure, double your fun, but it can also double your weight, double your risk. It's more than OK to swallow life whole, just watch out there are no hooks.


Progressed Venus sextile or trine Jupiter You can increase your personal appetites and indulge freely without too much worry, as you won't likely go over the top. You've got a good feeling when you've had enough, and before that, it's just good feelings. Others around you may not be so steady, so don't let them emulate you if they're not up to it.


Progressed Venus square or opposition Jupiter Your eyes may be bigger than your stomach, so be careful not to bite off more than you can chew, or swallow more than you can digest. The peril is in taking that extra mouthful because the last one wasn't quite as good as you expected. In any situation where you encounter diminishing returns, pull back before you go over the edge.


Progressed Venus conjunct Saturn. This is not the typical "feel-good" Venus aspect, but it is not negative. When in the Progressed Chart, it centers around love and affection, adding discipline and practicality to relationships. There could be difficulty in some relationships and, occasionally, it might mean saying good-bye to a loved one. You may seek the advice of an older person regarding relationships during this time. You are likely to act with restraint, so there is not the usual self-indulgence or "buying spree" influences of other Venus aspects.


Progressed Venus sextile or trine Saturn Simple fare is often the most satisfying -- especially when it's not a fad but a true appreciation of what lasts. Your tastes may run to the conservative but elegant, avoiding the extravagant and doubling your ready resources because you pay less for the experience. You may not even notice, as you'll do it so naturally.


Progressed Venus square or opposition Saturn Your tastes may run more to distaste for the moment, where what you don't like influences your goals as much as what you do like. In the avoidance of one flavor, however, don't fling yourself into the arms of something even more undesirable. Better to fast than to swallow something ugly you'll regret later.


Progressed Venus conjunct Uranus You may find your tastes becoming more and more curious, and there's no time like the present to explore new and unusual paths to pleasure and satisfaction. Why be satisfied with meat and potatoes when there's a world of spices waiting to stimulate your senses? And if you like it, you might even find a way to market it.


Progressed Venus sextile or trine Uranus The way to refreshing your tastes is to keep changing them while not replacing everything that has gone before. New pleasures build on old, and this season's fashions are built on last season's foundations. You are currently in a position to draw on both, so pick and choose at will -- it's fairly effortless.


Progressed Venus square or opposition Uranus It may be hard to settle on what you like as tastes have a way of changing rather suddenly, and what tweaks your interest one moment may be a bomb the next. Knowing that, avoid criticizing too loudly what doesn't please you today, as you may want to wolf it down tomorrow. Leave room to gracefully change your mind.


Progressed Venus conjunct Neptune. This aspect in the Progressed chart bestows a vivid imagination and subconscious mind images. Mystical inspiration and visions can find expression in music, writing and art. Your spiritual feelings are likely to be extremely advanced now, and healing powers are possible. You are likely to be sensitive, perceptive, and empathetic. You crave emotional rapport, and when it is attained, there is peace and joy for all included. However, you need to watch out for tendencies toward impractical romantic dreams which could make you deceptive in love relationships during this time. Such expectations could put unbearable burdens on others in your life.


Progressed Venus sextile or trine Neptune A little imagination goes a long way in guaranteeing that what you get is what you wanted in the first place. Embellishing your desires and painting your fantasies just enough to raise them a notch makes it look like you're a step above the crowd. Good taste is timeless, so you needn't check your watch.


Progressed Venus square or opposition Neptune Desires come and go, and sometimes getting your hands on what you want reveals that you really didn't check it out enough beforehand. Things are not always what they seem, and even when they are, that doesn't guarantee satisfaction. Consider this a trying-out period, when you pick and choose without final decisions.


Progressed Venus conjunct Pluto It's time for hot or cold -- lukewarm simply won't do right now. If you want it, you're going to devour it. If you don't, you'll toss it aside without a thought. In the process, you may reach new heights of experience, but you may miss some of life's smaller pleasures in the process. And don't forget, pleasures worth dying for can kill you.

Progressed Venus sextile or trine Pluto Make your needs known, and then collect on them. You're likely to get what you firmly believe you deserve and are willing to make a stand for. When it's obviously got your name on it, chances are no one else will make a play for it. That means brand your stock, and it will always return to your corral.


Progressed Venus square or opposition Pluto Sometimes what you want just isn't worth fighting for -- and usually you find that out after the fray. Choose your battles, and their goals, and when in doubt choose to wait and see. To the victor go the spoils, and all too frequently they're spoiled. Today's desperate needs seem ho-hum tomorrow.


Progressed Venus conjunct Midheaven Increased desire and ambition may have you paying a lot more attention to how you look and are talked about. No one can give you good press like yourself, but it's a good idea to make it look like it comes from elsewhere. Want it, but don't show that you want it too badly, and you'll be on everyone's lips.


Progressed Venus sextile or trine Midheaven Whatever your main attraction, your pursuit of it is likely to be helping you out on the general stage of public life. Read that: they're saying good things about you without your having to do any advertising to get it. So for the moment, just tend to what you're doing and get someone else to collect news clippings on the side.


Progressed Venus square or opposition Midheaven Fortune and fame may not at all be what's appealing to you right now, but don't push them away too hard or they won't be waiting in the wings when you change your mind. Tending to more personal affairs is probably more the order of the day, while critiquing what might be improved for later public relation attempts.


Progressed Mars in Aspect


Progressed Mars conjunct Ascendant If you are ever going to run the four-minute mile, now is surely the time. A new surge of physical energy begins coursing through your veins and you're ready to jump off the mark at the starting gun -- any starting gun. Just make sure you look before you leap so you don't have to turn around and try it over again.


Progressed Mars sextile or trine Ascendant There's nothing like inspiration or just having fun in general to revive your physical energies and keep your juices flowing. Throwing yourself into what you like shows up on your face as a youthful look and on your body as extra energy to burn. Creativity and being a part of the bigger picture is a plug-in to life.


Progressed Mars square or opposition Ascendant Your current inclination to throw your energy into exterior projects may make for some periodic fatigue on the interior level. Save a little for yourself so you don't bring your immune system down and so you can, well, have some time for fun. If you're too pooped to pop, what's the point?


Progressed Mars conjunct Sun A new shot of sustained energy welling up inside may be turning you into a ball of fire before you know it. A spring of indwelling power is being tapped for the moment that brings confidence and the ability to stride forward with new self-confidence. Make sure you put it to good use, avoiding ego trips along the way.


Progressed Mars sextile or trine Sun A rolling wave of inner energy adds to your self-confidence and assertiveness. You'll feel it moving you surely but strongly as strength and stamina pick up, and you'll be able to shoulder psychic burdens that might have previously daunted you. Ride the crest and stay with it, bringing others along for the ride.


Progressed Mars square or opposition Sun The itch to assert yourself needs scratching, but it's likely to be off and on, so follow-through will be the test of your newfound confidence. It's easy to waste energy repeating yourself, however, so keep forward motion and don't get hung up on only one outlet for your enthusiasm.

Progressed Mars conjunct Moon. With this aspect in the Progressed Chart, the personality will experience applied emotional energy. Your actions will take on emotional intensity. Sexual impulses may be enhanced emotionally, bringing a deeper meaning and greater understanding. Consequently, relationships could be enhanced now. On the negative side, sexual frustration could cause the possibility of violent impulses to surface. These feelings must be sublimated. Physical exercise will help, and prayer and meditation are indicated.


Progressed Mars sextile or trine Moon Strong feelings well up and pace themselves so that the overall emotional level of your life is kicked up a notch for a while, adding new energy to your whole existence. Friends may have to readjust as you pick up speed just to keep up, but the added intensity will be generally bound to please.


Progressed Mars square or opposition Moon Fueled-up emotions are the order of the day for a while, so don't tread on toes unless you mean to follow through. Passions can flare, for good or ill, and a ready will to retract overzealous or too-insistent feelings where needed will serve you in good stead. Don't be too quick on the trigger or you'll miss the mark.

Progressed Mars conjunct Mercury Mental sparks may be expected to fly, igniting a general invigoration of your ability to organize ideas and develop them until they turn to action. Dispassionate analysis gives way to mind storms which motivate but may lead to haste and premature conclusions, so enjoy the boost without going over the top.


Progressed Mars sextile or trine Mercury A noticeable lift in concentration and mental endurance can keep you on the job longer, with better productivity. There's less tendency to lose focus or get bogged down by brain drain, as there's a natural tendency to pace yourself. Others may not keep up so well, so explain yourself and help them catch up before you move on.


Progressed Mars square or opposition Mercury A new level of mental activity can be diverted into too much concentration and repetition that saps arriving brain power and leaves you where you began. Avoid sidetracking and keep moving to the next level and you'll make progress. When you get frazzled, chill out for a while, don't keep pressing on until you lose focus.


Progressed Mars conjunct Venus You're likely to be finding out the true meaning of burning desire -- and just what needs to be done to make sure the fire is quenched. Taking action to meet heightened needs is the order of the day, and you're the first to step up to the plate. You want it? Go get it -- it's yours. Work hard, play hard.


Progressed Mars sextile or trine Venus You're likely to get what you want simply by keeping at it without trying too hard. Cast your nets easy and strong and you'll be pulling in more than you need, enough to share. You probably won't really notice how you're managing it so well, but you should take notes. It's all in the timing, so remember how you did it.


Progressed Mars square or opposition Venus Sometimes you can chase your object of affection around in circles and never quite get there. Take no for an answer and try a new game, rather than beat around the bush. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and you've got the right bait on your hook -- don't waste it casting at the wrong fish.


Progressed Mars conjunct Jupiter Don't be surprised if you feel a sudden surge of ambition, a rush of enthusiasm to push your possibilities to the limits and take chances on the opportunity to expand your frontiers. You'll have more than enough energy for the task, but you should probably do some feasibility studies first, because no one has a limitless supply of fuel.


Progressed Mars sextile or trine Jupiter You'll be feeling upward and outward bound for a while, and since you've got your timing down pat it will not be a difficult journey. Whatever the new ground to cover, you're up to the task without thinking twice about it, taking one easy stride at a time at a wolf trot that eats up the miles.

Progressed Mars square or opposition Jupiter You're likely to feel the urge to expand and it will look like you've got more than enough juice to do the trick, but watch out for time and energy wasters that could sap your efforts. Maintain an unwavering course and you'll be on the mark, but give yourself some slack to deal with sudden lapses and detours.


Progressed Mars conjunct Saturn Walk softly now, do not tempt fate! Extra care is needed with tools and machinery. Caution is your best ally now: safety and security should be your prime considerations. There is a driving ambition to achieve personal recognition and career advancements. Your attempts to initiate action along these lines appear hindered and blocked by responsibilities and restrictions. Instead of losing your temper and rebelling against authority, try using this energy in a more constructive manner. Be resourceful, organize and discipline your actions, then apply it toward work requiring hard and laborious efforts. You should be able to handle jobs demanding precision and methodical handling of tasks. A parent, boss, or older individual will either assist or hinder personal progress.


Progressed Mars sextile or trine Saturn Although you might not have thought so before, slow and steady wins the race, and the inclination to pace yourself and adopt a more even pace feels like it's going to pay off. By harboring your energies and pulling weight in careful graduations, you get more done and become stronger in the process.


Progressed Mars square or opposition Saturn Ordinarily fluctuating emotions will be inclined to larger swings that bring new tides of happiness and joy that sometimes recede and leave you temporarily on the beach. Sustaining the rhythm will become the trick, so you can keep the best of each new advance as you go from high to low and generally raise the level of delight.


Progressed Mars sextile or trine Uranus Urgent action can still be smooth, and a practiced draw is over and back in the holster before the competition can squeeze off a shot. It's about pressure, and the less pressured you are, the faster, cooler, and more original your moves. It's a Zen operation -- don't move it, move within it -- allow the fire-burst.


Progressed Mars square or opposition Uranus Stop-and-go traffic can make for overuse of the accelerator and a stiff neck. Avoid the urge to leap into things and then have to come screeching to a halt. Steady's not so heady, but it gets you there without draining your tank. Avoid quick draws, let someone else shoot themselves in the foot.

Progressed Mars sextile or trine Neptune A good, intuitive sense of the feel of the road enables you to take corners at speeds others might avoid. Knowing where you are going without having to explain it makes for easier cruising and less energy wasted on detours. Don't push toward your destination, let it pull you in and coast on the power of mutual attraction.


Progressed Mars square or opposition Neptune If you try to be too slippery, you're likely to slip on your own banana, so check your treads before you try driving on ice. Every attempt at course correction and steady bearing will be rewarded, and predictions should be moment to moment only. Multiple small efforts succeed where single ones go awry.


Progressed Mars sextile or trine Pluto Maintaining force means keeping the pace and not easing up on your efforts. You can keep the pressure on simply by following the usual schedule and not taking needless breaks. Like any exercise program, strength is built on using your energy regularly, which rejuvenates you as go, moment to moment.


Progressed Mars square or opposition Pluto Just when you get ready to knock down the roadblock, it vanishes, and then it turns up someplace else. It's really easy to spend a lot of energy winding up for punches you don't deliver, so save yourself for only those that matter. Chasing small fry will find you worn out when the big one comes along.


Progressed Mars conjunct Midheaven Big efforts to forward your professional and/or public endeavors seem like the order of the day, and you've got the steam up to do what it takes to get things done. The word is out that you are really focused and committed, because you demonstrate it from moment to moment and exude the satisfaction it gives.


Progressed Mars sextile or trine Midheaven By putting your energy into seemingly more mundane affairs that might be labeled as ordinary, you somehow come up smelling like a rose of a different name. Without actually promoting yourself, your actions speak louder than words, and you gain public ground and a new respect from others that you didn't even seek.


Progressed Mars square or opposition Midheaven. This aspect in the Progressed chart can make you aggressive and self-assertive. You need to avoid impulsiveness, and to consider others' feelings during this time. Where your ego is involved, conflicts can develop in your professional and domestic life. If you can harness that energy in a positive way, much can be accomplished.


Progressed Jupiter in Aspect


Progressed Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant Within a year of this date you will feel more optimistic and self-confident. This may be a very lucky period. Opportunities abound, and a change in marital or professional status is possible. Now is a time of success and recognition. Partnerships prosper. There may be an expansion of one's home and/or family. Some type of long-distance travel is likely. You are also likely to put on a few pounds during this period. Beware of becoming overbearing and of promising more than you can deliver.


Progressed Jupiter sextile or trine the Ascendant Within a year of this date you will have opportunities for travel, further education, professional advancement, and personal growth. This is an expansive, optimistic, and lucky time. People of influence are kindly disposed toward you. A job offer may come your way. You may profitably write, teach, publish, or communicate with the public. Legal matters will proceed smoothly. Religious and philosophical pursuits are stimulated. Happy experiences such as an engagement, marriage, or the birth of a child are possible. Relationships go well with in-laws, foreigners, and those of a different background than your own. You might enjoy some type of sport. You could even win some money at Lotto this year.


Progressed Jupiter square the Ascendant This aspect lasts about a year and often indicates a change in one's marital or professional status. Beware of wastefulness, foolish risk-taking, an excessive sense of self-importance, and promising more than you can deliver. There may be difficulties with matters related to travel, higher education, religion, foreign interests, in-laws, publishing, broadcasting, or the law. Health problems due to some kind of excess may arise.


Progressed Jupiter inconjunct the Ascendant During the year surrounding this date, required adjustments, adaptations, and demands on your time may take a toll on your health, stamina, or financial situation. This aspect (150 degrees) often indicates a stressful situation involving some sort of parting, leave taking, release, separation, readjustment, correction, or letting go. The affairs of an aunt or uncle, an in-law, or of someone at a distance may be a source of stress. Health problems due to some kind of excess may arise. Drinkers run the risk of hepatitis or cirrhosis.


Progressed Jupiter opposition the Ascendant Aspects of Jupiter to the Ascendant often indicate a change in one's marital or professional status. Within a year of this date partnerships and close relationships prosper. Marriage is possible. Benefits come through a consultant or advisor.


Progressed Jupiter conjunct the Sun This usually represents a prolonged period of good fortune in one's life. You may achieve gains, success, honors, rewards, promotions, recognition, and the general good will of others. You tend to be optimistic and expansive. If this conjunction makes stressful aspects, there is a risk of problems brought on by excessive growth or over-expansion.


Progressed Jupiter sextile or trine the Sun During the year surrounding this date, you should experience some sort of success and recognition. This will be a significant period in your life. Finances should improve. People of influence or authority will assist you. Opportunities will arise to travel and expand your horizons. This is a time of increase, expansion, and achievement. In your personal life it may signify the forming of an important relationship or the birth of a child.


Progressed Jupiter square the Sun The year either side of this date marks a memorable and important period in your life. There will be opportunities for advancement and recognition, but you must guard against overextending yourself and promising more than you can deliver. There is a risk of some type of loss or unfavorable judgment at this time.


Progressed Jupiter inconjunct the Sun For a prolonged period before and after this date you are likely to be feeling growing pains. Necessary adjustments, adaptations, over-commitment, and demands on your time may take a toll on your health, stamina, or financial situation. This aspect (150 degrees) often indicates a stressful situation involving some sort of parting, leave taking, release, separation, readjustment, correction, or letting go. Legal actions can become quite complicated. You will probably overextend yourself and promise more than you can accomplish. Extravagance, waste, or self-indulgence can empty your pocketbook. You may not receive sufficient recognition for your efforts. Attempts to further your education may become stressful, perhaps because of a need to travel long distances or because you have to work and attend school at the same time. At times this aspect can indicate a separation from a friend or family member.


Progressed Jupiter opposition the Sun During the year surrounding this date, you must guard against extravagance and overexpansion. This will be an important and memorable time in your life. There will be opportunities for expansion and advancement, but you must be careful not to over-commit.


Progressed Jupiter conjunct the Moon The year before and after this date constitutes a lucky, expansive, optimistic, and prosperous period. You may have opportunities to write, teach, study, publish, travel, or communicate with those at a distance. Benefits come through women. You are popular, and some kind of recognition or honor may come your way. This aspect sometimes correlates with a pregnancy, marriage, childbirth, new home, real estate deal, or other expansion in your domestic sphere. You might consider buying a Lotto ticket or two at this time. If this conjunction receives stressful aspects, problems may arise related to in-laws, education, domestic issues, legal matters, speculation, or religion.


Progressed Jupiter sextile or trine the Moon The year before and after this date is an emotionally upbeat and optimistic period. You will enjoy your family, friends, and social and domestic life. Legal and real estate matters proceed smoothly. Benefits may come through women or through dealing with the public. Your popularity is high, and projects needing public approval prosper. You may be able to publish something that is well received. Investment in real estate can be profitable. Opportunities arise to expand your horizons through travel, higher education, religious experiences, or contact with those of a different background than your own. Relationships with in-laws go well. This is a fortunate time for career and business advancement. Finances should improve, and there is a possibility of winning money, perhaps through Lotto or some speculative venture. On occasion, this aspect will correlate with a happy pregnancy, marriage, or childbirth. Lady luck is on your side.


Progressed Jupiter square the Moon This can signify some type of loss, costly extravagance, or unwise expenditure. Within a year of this date overindulgence and overconfidence can cause problems. Beware of starry-eyed optimism. Do not make large purchases, including real estate, without checking all the details and consulting with a financial advisor. This is probably not the year to buy a home. A speculative investment that seems like a sure thing now may later be unable to deliver on its promises. There is no free lunch. Excessive alcohol or fatty food intake can adversely affect your liver. A woman in your life may suffer difficulties due to some type of excess. Travel or education may be more expensive than anticipated. Problems may arise with in-laws, or with religious or legal matters. On occasion, this aspect will correlate with an unwanted pregnancy or some type of excess that disrupts your domestic life.


Progressed Jupiter inconjunct the Moon During the year surrounding this date, required adjustments, adaptations, and demands on your time may take a toll on your health, stamina, or financial situation. This aspect (150 degrees) often indicates a stressful situation involving some sort of parting, leave taking, release, separation, readjustment, correction, or letting go. You are in a prolonged period of over-extension and over-commitment. Matters ruled by the house with Cancer on the cusp become excessively demanding. You need to set clear priorities so you can accomplish what is most important.


Progressed Jupiter opposition the Moon This can signify some type of loss, costly extravagance, or unwise expenditure. Overindulgence and overconfidence can cause problems within a year of this date. Beware of starry-eyed optimism. Do not make large purchases, including real estate, without checking all the details and consulting with a financial advisor. If you need to move or change residence this year, it is likely to strain your finances. A speculative investment that seems like a sure thing now may later be unable to deliver on its promises. Excessive alcohol or fatty food intake can adversely affect your liver. Travel or education may be more expensive than anticipated. Problems may arise with in-laws, or with religious, domestic, or legal matters. Your feelings may cloud your objectivity in dealing with others. Overwhelming emotions may strain close personal relationships. The women in your life may be overly emotional. On occasion, this aspect will correlate with an unwanted pregnancy or some excess that strains your domestic life.


Progressed Jupiter conjunct Mercury During the year or so surrounding this date, activities involving communication, writing, transport, and commerce are favored. There may be opportunities to travel, study, teach, publish, or engage in other Mercury-related endeavors. Affairs of siblings, neighbors, and subordinates should go well.


Progressed Jupiter sextile or trine Mercury The year surrounding this date will be a time of opportunity for writing, travel, communications, commerce and other Mercury-related pursuits. If you ever wanted to publish, this is a time to pursue that ambition. Any kind of expansion of knowledge or learning is favored.


Progressed Jupiter square Mercury Within a year of this date you may receive disappointing news about a career ambition. You have a tendency to put your foot in your mouth. Problems may arise through the written or spoken word. Misinterpretations and misrepresentations are possible and may cause legal complications. Writing and publishing run into snags. Be careful about signing important documents because you may overlook important details. Overconfidence may cause difficulties with travel or transportation.


Progressed Jupiter inconjunct Mercury During the year surrounding this date, required adjustments, adaptations, and demands on your time may take a toll on your health, stamina, or financial situation. This aspect (150 degrees) often indicates a stressful situation involving some sort of parting, leave taking, release, separation, readjustment, correction, or letting go. Putting the point across and facilitating plans and contracts intelligently could boost business and educational sectors. "The power of positive thinking" is a book about this phase.


Progressed Jupiter opposition Mercury During the year surrounding this date, difficulties could arise due to over-expansion related to travel, writing, publishing, communications, transport, or commerce. Do not promise more than you can deliver. Overspending is possible. Your are prone to errors of judgment and must read all fine print carefully. In important matters it is best to get the advice of an expert and/or a lawyer.


Progressed Jupiter conjunct Venus During the year surrounding this date relationships should go very well. Love, marriage and general good fortune often accompany this progression. A financial windfall is possible. Honors, advancement, and professional success are likely.


Progressed Jupiter sextile or trine Venus During the year surrounding this date, you should experience a pleasant social life. This progression expands the emotions and signifies fortunate events in the realm of the affections. It can also bring honors, advancement, and financial gain.


Progressed Jupiter square Venus During the year surrounding this date, you must guard against extravagance and over-indulgence. You tend to be emotionally effusive, but must guard against disappointments in your affections at this time.


Progressed Jupiter inconjunct Venus During the year surrounding this date, required adaptations and demands on your time may take a toll on your health, stamina, or financial situation. This aspect (150 degrees) often indicates a stressful situation involving some sort of parting, leave taking, release, separation, readjustment, correction, or letting go. Excessive self-indulgence may necessitate significant adjustments. A romantic involvement may have adverse consequences. All that glitters is not gold. You learn that you can have too much of a good thing.


Progressed Jupiter opposition Venus During the period of about a year surrounding this date, you must guard against laziness, carelessness, and self-indulgence. You tend to be effusive emotionally and may subject yourself to disappointments in your affections. Weight gain is a distinct possibility. This aspect warns against having too much of a good thing.


Progressed Jupiter conjunct Mars This signifies a prolonged period of great physical energy and initiative. Athletic endeavors go well. Guard against overconfidence and overexertion.


Progressed Jupiter sextile or trine Mars Within a year of this date business and industry progress successfully. Energy and self confidence promote associations, especially with men. Vitality is strong and fortunate actions lead to advancement.


Progressed Jupiter square Mars Within a year of this date you may experience setbacks due to arrogance, extravagance, lack of restraint, rash decisions, excessive zeal, ill-conceived plans, impulsive actions, or an over-inflated sense of your own power and importance. A wrong application or drive or initiative may become the source of ill-repute. You should not try to put yourself above the law. Strong sexual urges may cause difficulties. Lack of moderation may affect your health. You would be wise to direct your excess physical energy into a regular exercise program. Professional and financial losses are possible. Stress or conflict may be connected with matters ruled by Jupiter: speculation, gambling, sports, legal proceedings, publishing, the media, organized religion, in-laws, college students, influential people, universities, travel, foreign interests, etc. Haste and overconfidence can lead to accident proneness or the risk of fires or injury. You must cultivate self-control, prudence, and moderation. Curb your tendency to over-extend yourself. This is not a good time to lend or borrow money. Remember that haste makes waste. Avoid drugs and alcohol, and put your excess energy to constructive use.


Progressed Jupiter opposition Mars During the year surrounding this date, you must guard against impulsive behaviors and an imprudent lack of restraint. You tend to feel that your way is the best way and are likely to ignore the sound advice of others. A desire for instant gratification can lead to difficulties. You would do well to cultivate moderation and to seek realistic assessments before jumping too quickly into action. On occasion, this can signify problems with travel, foreign interests, or legal matters.


Progressed Jupiter conjunct Saturn The year before and after this date is likely to be a period of success as a result of integrity, industry, and persistent effort. Your judgment is keen and your ability or organize is top notch. If you use the energy of this conjunction wisely, you can gain significant wisdom. Money may come through matters related to the law, religion, higher education, writing, publishing, or foreign interests. This may be an especially beneficial time for one's father. Long-standing issues may reach their final resolution. You may be faced with a choice between money and happiness. Major afflictions to this conjunction can signal the death of an in-law or of someone who resides at a distance.


Progressed Jupiter conjunct Uranus For a year before and after this date, you may experience sudden dramatic changes in the course of your life. There is the possibility of unexpected travel, professional opportunities, or recognition. You feel a strong desire for independence and you highly value you own opinions. Technology, invention, religion, publishing, broadcasting, and New Age involvements may prove quite profitable. Benefits come through friends and group associations. Positive aspects involving this conjunction suggest a streak of good luck. Adverse aspects involving this conjunction may indicate sudden losses or reversals of fortune.


Progressed Jupiter conjunct Neptune For a year or more before and after this date you are able to pursue idealistic and spiritual interests. Artistic and musical endeavors flourish. Money flows in through unusual sources and with little effort on your part. A hunch may pay off. Winning at Lotto is possible during this period. You can succeed at charitable enterprises, hospital work, psychology, large scale undertakings, and matters related to liquids, film, fantasy, travel, publishing, and higher education. If this conjunction is involved in stressful aspects, there is a risk of deception or illegal involvements.


Progressed Jupiter conjunct Pluto Within a year of this date you are likely to undergo a profound and fortunate change that ends one phase of your life and marks a new beginning. This may involve relief from an obsession, compulsion, or oppressive situation. Now is a time of spiritual rebirth. You feel self-assured, expansive, enthusiastic, independent, and confident of your mental abilities. You have tremendous discipline over natural appetites, and you are able to penetrate to the heart of any matter. You have the support of influential people, and you may advance to a position of power in a group. A change of job or residence, a relocation, or a marriage are possibilities. You may earn extra income through lecturing, teaching, higher education, publishing, giving workshops, or intellectual tasks that require intense concentration. Gains may come through in-laws, travel, religion, foreign interests, legal matters, insurance, lotteries, contests, legacies, or resources beneath the surface of the earth. Your sex life will improve. On occasion, this aspect indicates a death that is a blessing or a welcome release from suffering. If this conjunction makes or receive stressful aspects, there is risk of financial loss, wastefulness, overspending, poor credit, legal complications, religious disputes, unbridled passions, or a death in the family.


Progressed Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven The year before and after this date will be a time or career success and beneficial changes in status and reputation. You are able to achieve some of your goals in life. Marriage or an addition to the family are possible.


Progressed Jupiter sextile or trine the Midheaven The year before and after this date will be a time or career success and beneficial changes in status and reputation. Benefits come through people of education and influence. Students receive academic honors. Family life flourishes. You may find the home of your dreams during this period. Marriage or an addition to the family are possible. You are able to achieve some of your goals in life.


Progressed Jupiter square the Midheaven Within a year of this date you must guard against over-optimism and foolish risk-taking in professional matters. Analyze all the facts before making major decisions. Poor judgment or legal entanglements can lead to career setbacks. Be careful not to spend more than you can afford.


Progressed Jupiter inconjunct the Midheaven During the year surrounding this date, required adjustments, adaptations, and demands on your time may take a toll on your health, stamina, or financial situation. This aspect (150 degrees) often indicates a stressful situation involving some sort of parting, leave taking, release, separation, readjustment, correction, or letting go. Guard against over-optimism and foolish risk-taking in professional matters. Analyze all the facts before making major decisions. Over-expansion may be a source of significant stress.


Progressed Jupiter opposition the Midheaven Within a year of this date family and domestic matters proper. You may redecorate or find the home of your dreams. Additions to the family are possible.


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Mission StatementORDER YOUR REPORTLiving In Harmony With God.The HexagonHonoring GodWater In CreationKabbalahLunar Insight New'sTalents and WealthJupiter's BlessingNatal JupiterDr. Martin Luther KingThe President And The First LadyHillary Clinton and Donald TrumpThe AstrologerLost Identity.PrayerWar In HeavenLunar InsightGod's CreationThe Great MysteryGod's Hidden Mysteries.Tapping The Secrets Of The Universe.The Sabbath DayThe Sabbath Date'sAstrology And The BibleThe Wise MenThe Star Of DavidArc Of The CovenantThe True HebrewsThe True ApostleThe First ChristiansReligionsPlanetary HoursToxic RelationshipsThe Hidden Treasure.A time for Marriage and a time for Divorce.A Time For HealingHealth & Wellness.Medical AstrologyPlanets in Our Solar SystemSaturn In SagittariusSolar And Lunar EclipseThe Star RigelThe ElementsAstrological SymbolsChironAstrology AspectsSolar Return Part 1Solar Return Part 2Solar Return Part 3Planet's transiting the zodiac.Sun Transit P/T 1Sun Transit P/T 2Sun Transit P/T 3Progressed Planet AspectsRetrograde PlanetsThe Retrograde's Shadow'sMercury In The SignsMercury RetrogradeMercury Retrograde StoriesVenus RetrogadeMars RetrogradeJupiter RetrogradeSaturn RetrogradeUranus RetrogradeNeptune RetrogradePluto RetrogradeSun and moon aspects in friendship.The MoonThe New MoonYour Moon SignThe Sun & MoonSun and Moon Combination 1Sun and Moon Combination 2Sun and Moon Combination 3Sun and Moon Combination 4Sun and Moon Combination 5Sun and Moon Combination 6Sun and Moon Combination 7Sun and Moon Combination 8Sun and Moon Combination 9Sun and Moon Combination 10Sun and Moon Combination 11Sun and Moon Combination 12Cutting Hair By Moon PhasesVenus Through the signsPlanet RisingAries RisingTaurus RisingGemini RisingCancer RisingLeo RisingVirgo RisingLibra RisingScorpio RisingSagittarius RisingCapricorn RisingAquarius RisingPisces RisingNew Heaven And New EarthJasperSapphireChalcedonyEmeraldSardonyxCarnelianChrysoliteBerylTopazChrysopraseJacinthAmethystThe Wheels Of EzekielBook Of EnochBook Of JobLost Books Of The BiblePictures

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