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Everyone has their Mercury Retrograde horror stories!

So, when Mercury goes retrograde, it scrambles information, causing static, confusion and forgetfulness. The effects are universal and all peoples feel its effect, regardless of their own signs. The signs Gemini and Virgo feel it slightly more because Mercury is their ruling planet and because they're such picky perfectionists and they really do expect their lives to go like clockwork. Appointments get canceled or forgotten. Wrong numbers are dialed. Delays interrupt the normal flow of things. Second thoughts lead us to doubt our decisions. Augments erupt. The best laid plains seem to spin their wheels in the mud and "business as usual" can be very hard to maintain.


Mercury Rx periods is the revealing of things hidden [past crimes are revealed or criminals located who were hiding during these times, clues are found or researched that had been previously overlooked in the past]. Also, investigations can be horribly botched during those times too. Probably it's almost instinctual when detectives review and reveal during these times.  A good example is the OJ Simpson case which was a night of the perfect crime of the century. Three major factors made this case very difficult to solve. 1. it was a New Moon which made it very difficult to see what was going that night and 2. Mercury was Retrograde so communication get's scrambled,  Things are lost and then found later and then lost again. 3. Mercury was Retrograde when OJ Simpson was born indicting he process information a little differently from his Mercury-direct friends. He probably perceive everything that they do (and then some)  Rather than making the mind weaker, Mercury retrograde can actually make it stronger and more intense.  It's just that it's hard to take what's going on inside and communicate it outside effectively. On the night OJ Simpson's wife was killed Mercury was Retrograde and it was a New Moon, which made it very difficult to see the things that were done in the dark.



 Did you know that the Declaration of Independence was signed during a Mercury Retrograde?
John Hancock was the only person who signed this important document on July 4, 1776.  52 others signed it on August 2, 1776.  I have two good reason's why July 4th should not be Americas birth date, First reason is the signing of the document by only one person. The second reason is more important than the first reason, on that day of July 4, 1776 Mercury was Retrograde from June 26, to July 22, 1776. This was not a good time to make important decisions or sign or negotiate a contract.
I use August 2, 1776 as the signing of the Declarations of Independence for the very reason's I mentioned above.

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