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The Pre Shadow Sets Mercury Retrograde Up

Common ways that we may contribute to the Pre-Shadow is to ignore our inner voice, ignore our intuition and to ignore the hints that the universe poses to us. Watch yourself during this period when you ignore things because you think they are not important, because you make assumptions or follow the assumptions of others. Become aware of where your assumptions, judgments, dismissiveness or even arrogance come from, because often if their source is from hurts, reactions or buttons being pushed, then they will lead you astray, and set you up for later challenges the Pre-Shadow strengthens as Mercury slows down before it retrogrades.
It then becomes 'stationary' and is about to move backwards. Often, the time when Mercury is stationary or slowed down coincides with a peaking in the Mercury retrogrades phenomena This is a good time to have the attitude of checking and rechecking important matters or decisions and making sure others do the same. It is not uncommon for people involved with communication to experience the first station as a short period of time when the work load appears to be diminishing or quieting down, but the effect is much like the way the water recedes before a tsunami, and may catch people off guard, as the wave of Mercury Retrograde Proper often comes in with more than the expected work or challenges.  .


Mercury Retrograde: The Post Shadow begains on September 22, 2016 to October 6,,2016. This is the period of time when Mercury begins to speed up and move forward, and in doing so it actually passes over the path in the sky in which it earlier went backwards. 
During the Post-Shadow period, errors can show up that were a result of poor decisions, assumptions or lack of attention during the Pre-Shadow or Mercury Retrograde periods. The effect of the Post-Shadow is stronger for the first few days.
 The effect of the Mercury Retrogrades Proper re-strengthens as Mercury slows down before it goes direct again. It then becomes 'stationary' and is about to move forwards. Often, the time when Mercury is stationary or slowed down coincides with a peaking in the Mercury retrogrades phenomena. This time is indicated in the calendar as a darker shade of color at the end of the Mercury Retrogrades Proper and at the beginning of the Post-Shadow. If the first station was like the quiet before the storm or the receding of the water before the tsunami, the second station can be like the moment the debris field is about to be revealed. Errors made during the rush of Mercury Retrograde Proper may begin to come to light.  






Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow detailsPre-Shadow phase

Mercury Retrograde with the more intensified Pre-Shadow detailsPre-Shadow phase intensified

Mercury Retrograde station detailsMercury Retrograde Station

Mercury Retrograde phase showing the more intense period detailsMercury Retrograde Phase intensified

Mercury Retrograde with the more intensified Pre-Shadow detailsMercury Retrograde Phase

Mercury Retrograde with the more intensified Pre-Shadow detailsMercury Direct Station

Mercury Retrograde with the more intensified Pre-Shadow detailsPost-Shadow phase intensified

Mercury Retrograde with the more intensified Pre-Shadow detailsPost-Shadow phase

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Mercury Retrogrades - Shadow


When I refer in this article to the "retrograde cycle," it means all three phases: the pre-retrograde Shadow, the retrograde period, and the post-retrograde Shadow. The descriptions below apply to any planet, although the phases will be experienced a bit differently for each planet according to the themes, patterns and areas of life ruled by that planet.


Pre-Retrograde Shadow:  This is the planet's first pass through the Shadow. In this phase, the planet is going in its usual "direct motion" (forward). This period typically brings up the issues that are on the cosmic agenda in your life for the coming retrograde cycle.

Events and situations that take place during this time will often unfold throughout the rest of the retrograde cycle. This might take the form of the same circumstances, or different ones which hinge on the same kind of underlying dynamics and issues. This phase begins when the planet passes the point of the zodiac where it will later make the direct station, and lasts until the retrograde station.

Retrograde Period: This is the second pass through the Shadow, when the planet appears to be going backwards in the sky. During this phase you might find you are reconsidering some actions or decisions you made during the first pass.

It is a time when you may have to confront the situations in your life that are not working well (which often correspond to the themes of that planet or the sign it's in). You might experience frustration, anger, fear, guilt or discouragement about having to take a detour away from your original or preferred path—or you might welcome this as a way of exploring new ideas and potentials.

Either way, the retrograde period is usually best traveled with some care and flexibility, being alert to the unexpected loose rocks and sinkholes that can cause you to trip and fall if you try to go over them too quickly. The retrograde period is typically a good time to pursue learning, research, reflection and re-evaluation. This phase starts with the retrograde station and lasts until the direct station.

Post-Retrograde Shadow: This is the third and final pass, when the planet is going forwards again after the direct station. During this phase you apply what you've learned during the retrograde period. In your exploration of new approaches to your issues and goals, it helps to reflect on what worked well and what didn't.

What do you know now that you didn't know before? How has this knowledge changed your perception of how to proceed? How can you change your direction (or your attitude) to take this new information into account? Or do you even need to change direction at all? Maybe you can resume the same course but with new knowledge and perceptions.

If you've been struggling with "inner demons" (uncomfortable feelings, impulses, fears, etc.), this phase is a good time to try out new ways to deal with them and express them. You often have opportunities to try out a new strategy to deal with the situations that trigger those feelings in you.



Mercury Retrograde Tables from 2015 - 2023

Wondering how to make the most of Mercury retrograde ?

2015 Mercury Retrograde Dates:

Mer R Jan 21 2015  07:55  17°Aq04' R  
Mer R Sep 17 2015  10:10  15°Li55' R  
Mer D Oct  9   2015  06:58  00°Li55' D

2015-2023 Mercury Retrograde Dates


Mer R Sep 17 2015  10:10  15°Li55' R  
Mer D Oct  9   2015  06:58  00°Li55' D 
Mer R Jan  5  2016  05:06  01°Aq01' R  
Mer D Jan 25 2016  13:50  14°Cp55' D 
Mer R Apr  28 2016  09:20  23°Ta36' R  
Mer D May 22 2016  05:20  14°Ta21' D 

Mer R Aug 30 2016  05:04  29°Vi04' R  
Mer D Sep 21 2016  21:31  14°Vi51' D 
Mer R Dec 19 2016  02:56  15°Cp07' R  
Mer D Jan  8  2017  01:43  28°Sg52' D 
Mer R Apr  9 2017  15:15  04°Ta50' R  
Mer D May 3 2017  08:33  24°Ar16' D 
Mer R Aug 12 2017  17:01  11°Vi38' R  
Mer D Sep  5 2017   03:30  28°Le26' D 
Mer R Dec  2  2017  23:35  29°Sg17' R  
Mer D Dec 22 2017  17:51  13°Sg01' D 
Mer R Mar 22 2018  16:20  16°Ar54' R  
Mer D Apr 15 2018   01:21  04°Ar47' D 
Mer R Jul  25 2018   21:03  23°Le27' R  
Mer D Aug 18 2018  20:25  11°Le33' D
Mer R Nov 16 2018  17:34  13°Sg29' R  
Mer D Dec  6  2018  13:23  27°Sc17' D
Mer R Mar  5  2019  10:19  29°Pi39' R  
Mer D Mar 28 2019  05:59  16°Pi06' D
Mer R Jul  7  2019  15:15  04°Le28' R  
Mer D Jul 31 2019  19:58  23°Cn58' D 
Mer R Oct  31 2019  07:42  27°Sc38' R  
Mer D Nov 20 2019  11:12  11°Sc35' D
Mer R Feb 16 2020  16:55  12°Pi53' R  
Mer D Mar  9 2020  19:49  28°Aq13' D
Mer R Jun 17 2020  21:00  14°Cn45' R  
Mer D Jul  12 2020  00:27  05°Cn30' D
Mer R Oct 13 2020  17:06  11°Sc40' R  
Mer D Nov  3 2020  09:50  25°Li54' D
Mer R Jan 30 2021   07:52  26°Aq29' R  
Mer D Feb 20 2021  16:53  11°Aq02' D
Mer R May 29 2021  14:35  24°Ge43' R  
Mer D Jun  22 2021  14:01  16°Ge08' D
Mer R Sep 26 2021  21:11  25°Li28' R  
Mer D Oct  18 2021  07:17  10°Li08' D
Mer R Jan 14 2022  03:42  10°Aq19' R  
Mer D Feb  3 2022  20:14  24°Cp23' D 
Mer R May 10 2022  03:48  04°Ge51' R  
Mer D Jun  3  2022   00:01  26°Ta06' D
Mer R Sep 9  2022  19:39  08°Li55' R  
Mer D Oct  2  2022  01:08  24°Vi13' D 
Mer R Dec 29 2022  01:32  24°Cp20' R  
Mer D Jan 18 2023  05:13  08°Cp09' D



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