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What is the relationship between your Sun and Moon?

These eight types represent only a part of the astrological factors to consider in any given chart analysis. Remember, this is based on the aspect relationship between the sun and the moon only.

The New Moon Type

- applies to those born at a new moon (sun and moon conjunct) or less than 45 degrees ahead of the sun. This is the seeding time. Individuals born of a new moon type are considered to be instinctive, youthful, subjective and impulsive. They tend to spontaneous responses to immediate stimulus and may not always see clearly between the real and the abstract. Consciousness is completely subjective (for the purposes of this essay, we will accept that reality has both subjective and objective components, however, personally I believe all reality is subjective), so distinction between what is inner wishes, dreams and feelings and the actual realities of the external world can be difficult to make. It is imperative for this type to FIRST discover all that they are before the sun power can be used constructively. There are those of this type that tend to see others as symbols to project their own vision on.

The Crescent Type

- applies to those born with the moon from 45 - 90 degrees ahead of the sun. This is considered a “hard” aspect in astrology. There is, in these folks, a compulsion towards action - the new challenging the old in an intense struggle to achieve faith in oneself. There is a great urge to overcome obstacles in carrying out what feels like an internal “command” or vital purpose. For some, there is a strong sense of being overwhelmed by the past. These folks can literally feel (in the subconscious.)

First Quarter Type

- applies to those born with the moon 90 - 135 degrees ahead of the sun. This type relates to forceful action and constructive activity. These are the folks who often lay the foundations for the future. There is a very strong will that can turn into ruthlessness if sensitivity is not cultivated. Their zeal to promote new ideals is without compromise. There may be such conviction in a new ideal that even though the evidence of failure exists, they may still very forcefully continue the attempt to consolidate the ideal. They usually feel a great sense of exaltation at the crumbling of old structures. They build and structurize for the future. Whether social ideology or the building of a new house, it does not matter. It is with great force that they commit themselves to these foundations. (It is not so necessary to see “it” through to its conclusion, as long as they know that all structures are laid and “work” can proceed). They can make remarkable managers.

Gibbous Moon Type

- applies to those born with the moon 135 - 180 degrees ahead of the sun. These types pay great attention to the development of their personal growth with an eye towards contributing something of value to their society. Broad concepts are easily understood and there is a noticeable impulse to work towards a goal for either a cause or for a great personality. They ask “Why” and work toward a clarification of either personal or societal-cultural issues and/or life in general. Usually there is a keen mind in evidence with a capacity to associate ideas and concepts, ultimately seeking a revelation or illumination of some sort. They are devoted to their cause or to a personality deemed “great” or look for others to devote themselves to their cause or personality.
These four types conclude the maturation or waxing cycle of the moon. In all four cases, the moon is ahead of the sun. The next four types deal with the waning cycle of the moon - from its apex and back to new moon.

Full Moon Type

- this applies to those born with the moon 180 - 135 degrees behind the sun. These types can truly see objectively. They tend to a very clear vision of reality and fulfillment of some kind. What was felt can now be seen. The full moon type always has the moon in opposition to the sun. This opposition can indicate either the culmination of or the breaking away from past relationships. These folks must have relationship in their lives - it means everything to them or else they will reject all relationships except with those considered pure or ideal. These are new beginning people, however, it is a beginning in consciousness - not a unconscious compulsion. True awareness of one’s spiritual identity and the conscious directing of its own growth are characteristics of this type. Many of our visionaries, gurus and prophets have this aspect. The concern is for the conscious spiritual growth of self and society and truth is illuminated in the full moon type.

Disseminating Type

- this applies to those born with the waning moon 135 - 90 degrees behind the sun. (the gibbous moon type form the same astrological aspect to the sun, however, the gibbous moon represents the waxing cycle, while the disseminating type represent the waning cycle). These folks tend to want to demonstrate to others all that they have learned or experienced, especially through their own studies. As such, this type tend to behave as a “disseminator” of information and ideas. One of this type likes to popularize what has made an impression on the self through the experiences of their respective lives. They can become real crusaders, however can sometimes become fanatical and get lost in a cause. They can be swayed by mass emotions and popular theories.

Last Quarter Type

- this applies to those born with the moon 90 - 45 degrees behind the sun. These folks tend to experience a crisis in consciousness and to attempt to embody ideas into definite systems of thought or concrete institutions. . They can see themselves as pioneers and may tend to force issues which they deem imperative to uphold on principle. They often believe that, in upholding their principles, only posterity will appreciate the value of their work. They can be inflexible, but generally also come with a keen sense of irony or humour. If they don’t develop this sense, then they find it impossible to take criticism. These folks are reformers. They are quite geared to the future, even though they usually can’t see it. What they do see, however, is the vital structures that must be in place for that future to unfold.

Balsamic Moon Type

- this applies to those born with the moon less than 45 degrees behind the sun but before the new moon. This is a transition stage. The past is shed and the future sensed. At its highest, this type is oriented towards a future and a greater good. These types may sacrifice themselves willingly to this end. Again, many visionaries (as with the full moon) are of a balsamic moon type. The cycle here is coming back to seed and this seed will provide the foundations for a new cycle to unfold. Although significantly tuned to the future, this type often feels itself a product of the past, even though that past has usually been “shed”. They often feel a powerful sense of destiny or a feeling of being led by a superior force. This type is often somewhat aware of themselves as a field within which something far greater than themselves is at work. When motivated in this way, sacrifice of self or martyrdom for the sake of a greater future is accepted willingly. There is a sense of finality in all important relationships, meaning they are viewed as an end of some process and as a means to some transcendent goal.




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