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Chrysolite uses and purposes

Chrysolite Attracts Love and Fortune

Known as the “golden stone,” for its sparkling yellow hue, Chrysolite has been revered since the days of ancient Egypt and if legend is anything to go by it is said Cleopatra never went anywhere without it. Its magical properties dispel fear and anxiety and attract love and money, making Chrysolite one of the most sought after of semiprecious gemstones in the world.


 Description:  Chrysolite is a Peridot and is also known as precious olivine due to its gem-quality of the same color. It takes the form of a crystal which has a vitreous luster and conchoidal fracture. It is formed in the mantle of the earth, the layer just below the crust, but is also common in basalt from the Moon.


 Power Qualities of Chrysolite Healing Stones: 

  • Ideal for general healing
  • Dispels negative thoughts
  • Promotes sleep
  • Attracts love
  • Invite wealth

Color:  Chrysolite comes in a lime-green and greenish-yellow color.

Varieties:  Chrysolite is a golden yellow or lime-green variety of peridot.

Birthstone:  Chrysolite is the traditional birthstone of Leo. Find a gift for him or her!


Wedding Anniversary:  Chrsyolite is the ideal gift for a 16th Wedding anniversary.

The Healing Qualities of Chrysolite Stone:  The Chrysolite stone is used for general healing purposes on a daily basis. It is known to increase strength and vitality and will protect you against anxiety and feelings of hurt. It is used in special healing conditions to help the liver function and is a good source of protection for the lungs, sinuses, and wrists to prevent illness and injury.

Types of Chrysolite Stones Used for Healing:  There is only one type of Chrysolite stone and it is used for healing in circumstances described above.

The Mystical Powers of Chrysolite:  Chrysolite is a powerful gemstone in spiritual circles and can be held whilst meditating, particularly if you intend to make a wish manifest as it helps dreams become reality. This popular stone is particularly strong for attracting love, but is also connected with wealth. It is also useful for calming anger and evoking positive thoughts, thus is often placed under pillows to aid sleep.

The History of Chrysolite Stones:  Chrysolite has been a popular gemstone since antiquity and was particularly enamored by Egyptian Pharaohs. It is believed that Cleopatra's famed emeralds were actually Chrysolite stones or more than likely Peridot. It was widely believed to protect the wearer against evil and misfortune and Cleopatra carried peridot with her all the time. The Greek writer Pliny the Elder writers about a deposit of Chrysolite spilling into the Red Sea from Saint John´s Island. The area continues to produce some of the finest Chrysolite gemstones to this day.


The Name’s Origin:  Chrysolite derives from the Greek word for “golden stone.”

Care and Treatment:  Chrysolite scratches easily and will break if it comes into contact with a heavy knock. Also avoid exposing it to changes in temperature and do not use cleaning chemicals. Instead clean it with a soft cloth.  

Chrysolite Around the World:  Most of the Chrysolite mined today comes from Arizona but is also found in Australia, China, Egypt, Burma, Norway, and the states of Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, and New Mexico. Large quantities of crystal are also found in the Mogok district of Myanmar and in the Minas Gerais in Brazil. A discovery of Chrysolite in Pakistan as recently as 1994 are regarded to be among the finest Chrysolite gemstones ever discovered.

The Ideal Gift:  Chrysolite is the ideal gift for a friend who is unlucky in love and needs a helping hand to find the perfect partner. Likewise if you, your friend or a loved one is have cash-flow problems a healthy dose of Chrysolite is just the gem to attract money. People suffering from anxiety and restlessness will also find comfort in Chrysolite.


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