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Chrysoprase uses and purposes

Healing with Crystals: Chrysoprase

Crystals and stones have been used for healing and protection for hundreds of years in many ancient cultures including the East Indian, Chinese, Mayan and Native American. They have been in used in religious rituals and ceremonies and have also been worn as jewelry. The Christian Bible refers to crystals over 200 times and asserts that 12 gemstones were used in the breastplate of Aaron, the Hebrew high priest and brother of Moses. It is said that he wore these crystals for communication with the angels. The oldest source of gemstones dates back to 3000 BC in India. Jewelry containing Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian and Agate were discovered in the tomb of Queen Pu-abi at Ur. Scottish Highlanders also used crystals in fortune telling and to travel to spiritual worlds.

Crystals are thought to come from heavenly spirits and thus connect the spiritual world to the human world. They are used to bring about positive transformations and healing to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The philosophy of natural healing states that crystals carry vibrations. The human body also carries a vibrational rate and by using a new age technique known as the "laying on of stones" one can balance or align the chakras.

Chakra is a Sanksrit word meaning "wheel of life." The human body has seven main chakras along the spine that correspond with different parts of the body. By placing crystals or stones over these chakras we concentrate healing energy to certain areas of the body to aid in healing. Balancing the chakras also promotes healing on a spiritual level and cleanses the aura. When cleansing the aura suppressed negative energy is released and the amount of light in the aura is increased. It has been shown that the frequency of light that crystals give off have a direct influence on the body's biochemical development and have been used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Chrysoprase is part of group of quartz crystals known as the chalcedony stones and is considered to be one of the most valuable stones found in this group. The name chrysoprase comes from the Greek "chrysos" meaning gold and "prason" meaning leek. The Romans, Egyptians and Greeks used it in jewelry and other ornaments because of its opalescent green color. It derives this green color from the presence of nickel whereas most other stones that are green in color contain vanadium or chromium. In the United States it mainly found in Arizona and California. It is also found in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Poland, India, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and the Ural Mountains. Australiais the dominant source for Chrysoprase and it is sometimes marketed as the "Australian Imperial Jade."

Crystals have metaphysical properties as well as healing properties. Some of the metaphysical properties of chrysoprase include:

-Promotes spiritual healing and protection. -Encourages hope. -Encourages fidelity. 
-Promotes love and truth. 
-Aids in relieving emotional stress. 
-Helps to mend a "broken heart." 
-Inspires creativity and brings out talents. 
-Is used as a shield against negative energy. 
-Is used to balance the fourth chakra, the heart chakra.

Some of the healing properties of chrysoprase include:

-Prevents and eases depression. 
-Increases fertility. 
-Helps detoxify the body. 
-Is useful in treating sexual imbalances and the reproductive organs. 
-Aids in balancing neurotic tendencies and overcoming compulsive behaviors. 
-Is useful in the treatment of heart disorders.

It is important to note that chrysoprase is a very powerful stone and should never be placed directly on the body when being used as a healing tool. It is most effective when held above the areas of the body that have been affected.


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