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The New Heaven

Does Scripture offer us a glimpse into what will happen when we arrive in heaven? The Bible says, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9). Even our wildest imaginings cannot being to get close to the threshold of what God has prepared in eternity for those who love him.

God has revealed in His word certain things about this eternal state. In the final 2 chapters of the Book of Revelation, John sees a vision of the Lake of Fire--the place where Satan and all evil incarnations are cast into. All those whose names that are not written in the Book of Life would join them. It is a place of eternal judgment, a place of eternal separation from God.

But what about those whose names are found in the Book of Life?

A Need for a New Earth

In Revelation 21, it says that those in the Book of Life can anticipate a new creation. The reason for the new heaven and new earth is because the first heaven and first earth will have passed away. Historically, the people in the time of the apostles were mocking Jesus’ return. Peter had to remind them that Jesus was delaying his return as a great act of grace to give more people an opportunity for repentance. God will bring this world’s fallen history to a dramatic conclusion. In those things that He will destroy, He is committed to a new creation.

The problem was that the original creation, when he pronounced it, was either “Good” or “Very Good”. We have very little understanding of the sheer goodness, rightness, and magnificence of creation in its pristine condition. When the Fall came through man’s sin, a wrench was thrown in the order of creation.

The word for creation for the world--“cosmos”--is the exact opposite of “chaos”. God created cosmos: the orderly, beautiful jewel or ornament that was the original creation. When sin entered the world, human beings were affected by it and the whole of creation were all affected.

When God created the world, things were as they ought to be. The fall then put things out of order; the creation of God was spoiled. This now comes under the judgment of God, and he will “recreate” what he did in the first place--create a new heaven and a new earth so all will be right.

A New Jerusalem

The new Jerusalem is not a place, but a community of people. As humans, we tend to think of Heaven as a place and ask about what we will do or have certain things in Heaven. However, this new Heaven is really: a divine creation that is a new community of people that comprise the holy city--the new Jerusalem.

In the new Jerusalem, the focal point is a community of belief. But why is the community so special?

The new Jerusalem will see God dwelling with men. They will be his people, and He will be the God in their midst. The ultimate experience for divine people is to be in the immediate presence of God himself and that He is living, moving, and working among them.

This is what we have to look forward to, and yet cannot conceive what this will be like. This community of faith will be made up of all of God’s people. The focal point will be on God in a gathering of believers from every race and group of humanity.

Experiences in the New Heaven and New Earth

When the old order passes away, there will be no more death, crying, and pain. When humans lived in paradise, all they had to do was live in loving, trusting, obedience of God. Since the fall, we have been subjected to mortality. When the old order passes away, God will make all things new.

The new experience will have none of the things that cause pain.

Before, God on his throne has been strangely silent. Now, He speaks as the one in charge of the new order: God is absolutely committed to making things new, and He will continue the works in you until the day of Jesus Christ. One day, we will be in His presence and transformed in His likeness in the community of the redeemed.

He also gives us a reminder of who He is: I am the beginning and the end, alpha and omega. I am the origination and the conclusion of all things. He is faithfully committed to making all things new.

City without a Temple

In the world, cities needed temples as reminders of worship. The new heaven will not need a temple because God is there. Eternity is about being in the presence of God and the Risen Christ in a body that is suited for the eternal life. This body will allow us to be in eternal communion with the community and oneness with God.

Heaven is not the place that is like the best place you have been; this is a community of people in a state of continuous and universal glory.

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