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Saturn in Sagittarius.

Saturn moved into the sign Sagittarius on December 23, 2014 and will leave Sagittarius on December 19, 2017. If anyone can tell you about it's influences, it's a Scorpio, for the past two years beginning on October 6, 2012 until December 23, 2014 Scorpios understands that knowledge is power, and power- over yourself, other people, your environment, is what you were really seeking, some of you had this fear that you had little control over your own life and this sense of haplessness may have lead you to attempt to dominate people and situations. The two years Saturn was in Scorpio many of you have experienced health issues or a  traumatic loss of some kind that transformed your life. In fact, your life sometimes seems to be a series of difficult ups and downs, and you long for stability and permanence.The lesson that many of you have learned
was to let go and not fear change, to let the old die so the new can be born. Most of all, you need to develop trust- in yourself and in God.
Now that Saturn is now in Sagittarius, Knowledge is very important to you, but you may have been denied the education and opportunities for growth you desire. Consequently, you might feel that you are not as well-educated, widely-traveled or wise as you would like to be, and are defensive and sensitive about what you see as an inadequacy in yourself. Perhaps you worked hard to educate yourself and attempt to over come the limitations placed on you.The test for Sagittarius in the next few years will be connected with your religious or philosophical views, and you may be faced with difficult decisions and learning experiences in this area. Another possibility is that you have become disillusioned with orthodox views and have rejected all religious and philosophical beliefs as impractical, unless or unfounded. This planetary position can be indicative of someone who has trouble accepting anything on faith. You might need to prove something to yourself before you can believe it.
How will Saturn influence your Sun Sign? Read below and find out.

This is a period of study and self-discovery. The time you put in over this period, if you are prepared to do the hard yards and do the work, can literally transform your life. There is a warning though, not to rush through the process, it will take time and effort to get the most out of this transit, which will be incredibly empowering and rewarding if you do so.  The key to achievement is to allow more time than you think you need.


Official business, support from others, and financial matters are highlighted. Through understanding the value others provide, you can learn a lot about your own values, making this a time of great transformation. Issues and opportunities to embrace intimacy can come up now, too. The key to success is to keep the energy exchange between you and others as equal as you can.


Relationships are in the spotlight. Saturn wants to commit to long-term relationships, but Sagittarius is the freedom lover, so there is a conflict here, and if you can recognize and accept that both have a place, the balance of both can be an ideal mix. The key to successful relationships is support and compromise.


Work and well being balance is needed. Saturn is hard working organized energy, while the Sagittarius energy is more spontaneous. Some level of routine is needed to ensure you don't overdo it and let your overall well being slide to the bottom of the list, but you also need flexibility to be creative and allow your visualizations to take form. The key to success is to first and foremost look after your health.


Children, romance and creative areas are highlighted. Long-term relationships are in the stars, but you don't want to get too serious, planning for tomorrow is advisable, but so is enjoying life today. You can be tempted to take risks, particularly with the impulsiveness of Sagittarius, and would not be advisable under this transit. The key to successful relationship is to learn to express yourself more freely and openly from your heart center.


This is a powerful family time.  You can work though past family issues, during this transit and clear emotional blocks, but only if you are prepared to really face them head on, which can be confronting. There may also be a feeling of wanting to be free of domestic duties and responsibilities. The key to success and self growth is to hand over some tasks to others, release the need to control and do everything yourself.


Your ability to communicate more effectively can improve. If areas related to study or teaching have felt stuck in low gear for a while, life can start to flow more freely now as you learn to express yourself from a logical rather than emotional stand point. The key to success is to organize your thoughts and develop a structure and discipline of thinking so you can present the deluge of ideas you will surely receive during this transit to others in a concise way.


Money, security, and how worthy you feel of attracting both are highlighted with this transit. Saturn is the hard working equation of this combination, however, Sagittarius, born under a lucky star, will want to leave these important areas of life somewhat to fate. The key to success is to be both idealistic as well as realistic.


This transit challenges you to banish self-doubts and rise above limitation to live your best life. It encourages you to live the life of your dreams, but to work hard for what you desire. You are continually tested to go after what you want, if you want it badly enough you will put in the effort to get it. The key to success is to take responsibility for your part of all interactions in life.

Saturn being your ruling planet will challenge you to obtain balance in your life. You work hard, but life is not all about work. The fun loving side of Sagittarius helps to lighten your load. There is also a need here to acknowledge you need a space of solitude to decompress between work and socializing. The key to success is to always keep your inner dreams alive, and never stop believing the best is yet to come.

Associates and friends play important roles in your life during this transit. Some will hinder and some will help, and it is up to you to be strict about whom you allow to take up your physical, spiritual and intellectual space. The key to success is to be true to you, and not allow anyone to take advantage of you. To stand up for what you know in your heart to be right.

Saturn will open opportunities to advance on a business level. However, Sagittarius will tempt you to go out and play, and hand over control to others. The necessity of work and a desire to make a difference in the world, will ultimately not allow you to shirk your responsibilities. The key to success is to be prepared to step out of your comfort zone, no matter how confronting, and embrace more responsibility.

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Mission StatementORDER YOUR REPORTLiving In Harmony With God.The HexagonHonoring GodWater In CreationKabbalahLunar Insight New'sTalents and WealthJupiter's BlessingNatal JupiterDr. Martin Luther KingThe President And The First LadyHillary Clinton and Donald TrumpThe AstrologerLost Identity.PrayerWar In HeavenLunar InsightGod's CreationThe Great MysteryGod's Hidden Mysteries.Tapping The Secrets Of The Universe.The Sabbath DayThe Sabbath Date'sAstrology And The BibleThe Wise MenThe Star Of DavidArc Of The CovenantThe True HebrewsThe True ApostleThe First ChristiansReligionsPlanetary HoursToxic RelationshipsThe Hidden Treasure.A time for Marriage and a time for Divorce.A Time For HealingHealth & Wellness.Medical AstrologyPlanets in Our Solar SystemSaturn In SagittariusSolar And Lunar EclipseThe Star RigelThe ElementsAstrological SymbolsChironAstrology AspectsSolar Return Part 1Solar Return Part 2Solar Return Part 3Planet's transiting the zodiac.Sun Transit P/T 1Sun Transit P/T 2Sun Transit P/T 3Progressed Planet AspectsRetrograde PlanetsThe Retrograde's Shadow'sMercury In The SignsMercury RetrogradeMercury Retrograde StoriesVenus RetrogadeMars RetrogradeJupiter RetrogradeSaturn RetrogradeUranus RetrogradeNeptune RetrogradePluto RetrogradeSun and moon aspects in friendship.The MoonThe New MoonYour Moon SignThe Sun & MoonSun and Moon Combination 1Sun and Moon Combination 2Sun and Moon Combination 3Sun and Moon Combination 4Sun and Moon Combination 5Sun and Moon Combination 6Sun and Moon Combination 7Sun and Moon Combination 8Sun and Moon Combination 9Sun and Moon Combination 10Sun and Moon Combination 11Sun and Moon Combination 12Cutting Hair By Moon PhasesVenus Through the signsPlanet RisingAries RisingTaurus RisingGemini RisingCancer RisingLeo RisingVirgo RisingLibra RisingScorpio RisingSagittarius RisingCapricorn RisingAquarius RisingPisces RisingNew Heaven And New EarthJasperSapphireChalcedonyEmeraldSardonyxCarnelianChrysoliteBerylTopazChrysopraseJacinthAmethystThe Wheels Of EzekielBook Of EnochBook Of JobLost Books Of The BiblePictures

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