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If you have Cancer rising, you're very tender with other people’s feelings.

You're very perceptive about the needs of other human beings. You are very cautious and it's not easy for someone to get through your defenses. When they do get to know you, they will find a caring, attentive and bighearted individual.

You don't easily make friends but you easily adjust to people.


You can be so cautious you can tell when other people feel this way too… This gift is important and useful in several areas -in business, teaching, being a mom or dad and so on.

All the same, don't get pulled into so many personal dramas that you reach your emotional limits.

Yours is a very person-to-person, delicate feel - and consequently you make it possible for other people to be comfortable with you. This is misleading because people will come up against your protective shell. Just because other people are comfortable around you, it doesn't mean that you are comfortable with them.


With this Rising sign a lot of times you may feel as if you are the one that everyone dumps their emotional problems on, you almost want to get a psych chair and start to charge for your listening services.

You always seem to be open to taking on all the emotions people don't know what to do with. On your good days, it probably boosts your self-confidence when you hear that "you are the best listener." Or,” you are the only one who I can go to with things like this."

However, on days that you have your own problems and you are emotionally overwhelmed, you may find yourself feeling used and alone, wondering whom do I turn to?


The fix for that, is this: Be more discerning. Stand up for yourself. Yes that's right, learn how to tell the ones that never have time for your problems that friendship is a two way street. Moreover, the ones that are there for you, be there for them but make sure you have the time and emotional reserve to take on their problems.

So with Cancer Rising, you like being intimate - but not too cozy.


You possess a compassionate and hospitable air about you. You're attracted to mother figures or you are one yourself. As a matter of fact, mommy complexes are frequent with this rising sign; maybe you should think about cutting the apron strings.


Like your astrological namesake, you move in a roundabout way when you want something, going about things laterally. This quality comes in handy when you need to be gentle in the way you approach someone.

However, if you are dealing with an Aries type (one who likes directness) for instance, they will not like the way you approach things, it will be exasperating.

People with Cancer rising are inventive and wise. You make great authors, poets, and artists. You understand the shades and subtleties of people’s needs; so much so, you're capable of soaking up what people feel and think.

Being so inventive and pragmatic, you can take the ideas, information and beliefs from others and exploit it to your own benefit.

Cancer rising people have outstanding persistence.

As a Cancer rising sign, you are very smart with finances. Sensible and conservative, you make an astute businessperson. You recognize a sensible investment when you see it.


You're apt to amass a lot of money as you age and you'll have only yourself to thank for that.

Being singled out makes you uncomfortable, but you do want acknowledgment of your gifts… With Cancer rising, pats on the back don't come often enough for you; sometimes it can get your spirits down. You whine that the people don't value you enough, only your grumbling is just your way of fishing for compliments.


A note about looks: these attributes aren't the rule; any First House Planets or Mars’ placement will affect your physical characteristics.

If you are a Cancer rising, you're liable to have a round shaped face that communicates a lot. Your eyes are light colored, pale and luminescent ...your limbs are svelte and you move like a wave when you walk.

Your physical structure is possibly thick through the midsection, and you're inclined towards gaining weight as you age.


The Moon and zodiac sign in whatever House, will express in further detail how much protection and nurturing you need. You will also discover how much support you should give others and how you can gain a more balanced life.

The Moon governs Cancer; its influence is obvious in your chart. The Moon adds vision, understanding,a forgiving nature, intense feelings, a tenacious memory and the capacity to take care of other people.


The Moon also promotes messiness, impatience, passiveness, indolence and incompatibility.

Saturn in whatever House and zodiac sign will expose a lot pertaining to the nature of your human relationships. You may also learn how to have a more honest connection. This is significant since your emotionality makes it easy for you to get hurt.

When you have Cancer Rising you have the Sign of Capricorn as your opposite. We call this Capricorn Setting because Capricorn was setting as Cancer was rising.


I note Capricorn Setting to you because the opposite setting sign tells of ways to cope with your rising sign.

Therefore, Capricorn Setting implies that you normally like or appeal to a mate that establishes certain boundaries for you. You pay with your independence and get protection in return but soon enough you may want your independence back.


Is He or She the Right one for you?

Is it true 1st time you marry for love, 2nd time money, 3rd time companionship,?
I know it's different for everyone, but we all fall under one of those categories.
Some say It's is purely luck when you did it right the first time. Some people aren't so lucky in love, so they go for 2nd or 3rd even 4th time. Yes you learned the lesson from past mistakes. Marriage is not a lottery. You would only want to marry once and do it right or else not at all.
Why go through the every day frustrations of endless date or constantly meeting people where you feel "no romantic connection". Quite often, two people spend months and even years dating or living together only to find out they are basically incompatible. Most people do not objectively consider whether their future partner is really compatible with their own basic needs. The best way to truly know whether you have found a long-term compatible partner is to compare each other's charts. You'll learn what areas you and your partner compliment each other, will have to compromise and where you'll likely be challenged (e.g. communications, emotional, financial, domestic and sexual.


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