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With a Virgo rising, you are usually dressed in a neat and fresh look. Even if you like the modern, deliberate destroyed look. No matter the case, you are always dressed perfectly.

You probably look younger than your years and it stays that way for the rest of your life.

You are very aware of what it takes to live a healthy life and it shows in your eyes; your eyes are very clear and young, showing hardly any sign of body abuse.

However, your fit and healthy conscious can turn into something extreme that permeates all areas of your life.

Here is how it may go: You start just trying to do things that are good for you. Not everyone is as health minded as you, so it becomes something you do on your own.

This leads you to acquiring a sort of OCD complex; you think that everything must be "just right" and that leads you to begin criticizing this thing or that and this person or that person.

You start to justify why you can't participate in life. How it's just not good at all to enjoy things that are just pleasurable like fatty foods, sweets or going out to have drinks and staying out late. Although you try to give the impression that you have a full and happy life, you're not fooling anyone.

You have to be moderate in your healthy life, have a cheat day occasionally.


You generally see the world on a mental plane rather than an emotional one. It doesn't mean you are un-feeling, it's actually the opposite; you have deep and caring feelings.

Even so, being logical makes you the most comfortable. You like facts. Regulating and rationalizing data and getting to the gist of the matter.

You sometimes get stuck on the details and lose sight of the big picture.

A note about appearance: these features aren't strict rules; any First House Planets or Mars’ arrangement may affect your physical features.

With Virgo rising, you should have a softly shaped oval face. Observant eyes and a physical structure that looks fragile but is very solid.


Mercury governs Virgo and it is very important in your chart.

Mercury gives a talent for writing, lucid judgment, a cerebral mind set, keen observation and good insight or perception.

Mercury also promotes an anxious disposition, nitpicking ways, caustic remarks, vexation and petulance.

Neptune, the House and zodiac sign, will show you the troubles you will go through in your relationships. You will also learn much about how to connect.

When you have Virgo rising, you have the Sign of Pisces as your opposite. We call this Pisces Setting because Pisces was setting as Virgo was rising.

I note Pisces Setting to you because the opposite setting sign tells of ways to cope with your rising sign. Therefore, Pisces setting tells you that on the plus side, you'll draw in emotionally responsive or artistic people.

On the minus side, you will also get your share of people who are chaotic. In reality, this may end up being a good thing that equalizes or challenges you.

You have an appealing polish that's hard to define. If you were an inanimate object, I would say you are like a white couch no one wants to sit on. What I am saying is that it's not easy to get close to you.

You can be timid and distant; you cover that up by being superficially sociable yet it is still hard for someone to get through and really get to know you.

You have feelings that you are not be able to express, this could be very frustrating. You have so much going on emotionally yet no one knows this.
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Is He or She the Right one for you?

Is it true 1st time you marry for love, 2nd time money, 3rd time companionship,?
I know it's different for everyone, but we all fall under one of those categories.
Some say It's is purely luck when you did it right the first time. Some people aren't so lucky in love, so they go for 2nd or 3rd even 4th time. Yes you learned the lesson from past mistakes. Marriage is not a lottery. You would only want to marry once and do it right or else not at all.
Why go through the every day frustrations of endless date or constantly meeting people where you feel "no romantic connection". Quite often, two people spend months and even years dating or living together only to find out they are basically incompatible. Most people do not objectively consider whether their future partner is really compatible with their own basic needs. The best way to truly know whether you have found a long-term compatible partner is to compare each other's charts. You'll learn what areas you and your partner compliment each other, will have to compromise and where you'll likely be challenged (e.g. communications, emotional, financial, domestic and sexual.


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