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As a Sagittarius rising, you have the world on a string or at least you choose to believe that line. Life is...possibilities... phenomenal adventures...and endless horizons to pursue.

You relish a good debate, a give-and-take conversation of views and ideas.

You are good at making friends. You are the life of the party.

Your heart is open when you meet new people; your mind is open to new thoughts.

You are a reformist. You are naturally hopeful for the future.

YOUR MOTTO: Born free, Live free, Stay free

You like to be autonomous; you love the concept of freedom. You can't stand to be suffocated, in any way.

You allow people to be free to do and say what they want and mean.

You prefer a life that is down to the bare minimum that goes for your home (furniture) around you and the bare amount of things (responsibilities) to do. You have a few things that you do on your days and that's fine. You want your life to be simple.

You can rub people the wrong way sometimes. The particular instances where you will find yourself causing friction is when it has to do with your entrepreneurial pursuits or your philosophic leanings.

You love money, but only because it gives you...freedom.

You are always aware of how much you will let ambition for money take you over because you know that when people become obsessed with success, they cut out the fun and you could never live a tedious life like that it would be deadening.

Patience is not a virtue you have as a Sagittarius rising, many times people misinterpret this about you. Your need for independence causes you to be impatient.

You're good at inspiring other people to do more and realize a better life but if later on all your exuberance becomes just wild strategies that never pan out, other people are apt to smile at you and nod their heads as if they are with you and behind your back to say you're full of hot air.

Having an adventuresome and extroverted mind-set is evidently a good thing but eventually it should convert into something tangible.

You are someone who practices what they preach.

Sagittarius rising people are itchy, always dying to get on with the next thing in life. You take on fresh challenges readily.

You can be blunt and sometimes you may not be so diplomatic in what you say, but at least people know how you feel.

You find that you are good at asking questions and finding the answers.

The Gods above gave you great foresight, vision and a bright mind.

Traveling is a part of the things you must do before you die; you want to live like the natives and see what they see. When in Rome...

You find tons of luck in foreign lands and with foreign people. You shouldn't be surprised if you end up living in a foreign land from your middle years onward.

You're an avid reader of many subjects. You watch the news on television or you read it online. You like to talk to your friends about the latest thing that is happening in the world.

You are capricious at best and rash at worst. If you have any problems, it will stem from this part of your personality.

You do things sometimes without thinking about what the fall out will be.

What happens is,you find yourself uncomfortable and you have to do something. Therefore, you do the first thing that comes to mind. Sometimes it may make things worse so you should calm yourself and think before you leap or speak.

With Sagittarius rising, you find yourself saying and doing too much. You make promises that you can't keep. You do more than you need to help; you go an extra 3 miles when the basic amount would have sufficed. You are always the one to jump up and be the cheerleader.

You have to learn how to figure out when you should take on something and help and when you should stand back. You have to learn how to sort out the people who deserve the extra miles and those who just deserve the basics.

You need to decide who should get the benefit of your optimistic outlook and those you should let be.

Sagittarius rising people are in essence dreamers and good Samaritans who are profoundly concerned about iniquity.

As far as your own life, you're generous and you live your life honorably; the situations that hurt and anger you most are those that show how vicious and stingy people can really be.

You are lucky in general but by middle age, people around you will call you their lucky charm.You may or may not believe this is true but you do seem to come across many lucky situations, more than other people that is.

Maybe it's because all your life you are always there to help other people, bring a smile to their sad faces or stand up for them. All these qualities are yours from Jupiter.

There are people you touch that never so much as say thank you, but you don't mind and that doesn't stop you from doing it again for them or doing it for other people. You are not bitter you just keep on being your old generous self.

So maybe your lucky breaks, lucky escapes and awesome opportunities are a thank you from Jupiter, for all the times that your generosity goes un-noticed by others.


A note about looks: these characteristics are general, your physical attributes may differ if you have any First House Planets or Mars' placement.

In the looks department many Sagittarius rising people may have a happy looking face, youthful and beautiful.You may also have happy and sunny eyes, and your lips are quick to give an affable smile.

When you speak, you may use your hands and arms for emphasis.You have a firm physique that is very active.

This spirited and active bearing of yours could occasionally be out-and-out hard to dismiss. This personifies the horse side of Sagittarius and its lustful carnal force. The manlike side of the Archer exemplifies your noble-minded and honest self, which is always fighting against the animalistic side over control.

Your body-build may be lean or naturally thin finding it hard to put on weight. Then again, perhaps you're stocky and animated. You may have a striking jaw-line. You probably have a big smile.



Jupiter governs Sagittarius and it's very important in your chart.

Jupiter brings felicity, a big imagination, earnestness, a kind sociable style, good luck and unselfishness .Jupiter also promotes intemperance, irritation, extravagance, risk taking, vanity and impatience.

Jupiter, zodiac sign and House they are in will disclose more concerning the risks that you take, your intentions and your ambitions. You will also discover the amount of obstacles you have to overcome in your search for fulfillment in all your undertakings.

When you have Sagittarius rising, you have the sign of Gemini as your opposite. We call this Gemini Setting because Gemini was setting as Sagittarius was rising.

I note Gemini setting to you because the opposite setting sign tells of ways to cope with your rising sign. Therefore, Gemini setting tells you that you're apt to appeal to people who are interested in information and calculations, people who like details. These kinds of people are helpful to your big-picture/big-adventure point of view.

Sometimes, you may feel that people are just trying to rain on your parade or that they're taking your freedom of choice away. As a matter of fact, they're likely to make some critical and pragmatic additions to your project that you may miss.

Gemini the Twins is dichotomy in motion. Since this is your opposite sign, you Sagittarius rising could absolutely have two whole and separate, full on serious relationships going simultaneously.

What a scandal! You can probably keep this up for a long time unless one of your partners is a Scorpio Sun sign, Mercury or Mars.

Funny thing is you would never ever allow your partner to do something so wrong to you. You would be disgusted. 


Is He or She the Right one for you?

Is it true 1st time you marry for love, 2nd time money, 3rd time companionship,?
I know it's different for everyone, but we all fall under one of those categories.
Some say It's is purely luck when you did it right the first time. Some people aren't so lucky in love, so they go for 2nd or 3rd even 4th time. Yes you learned the lesson from past mistakes. Marriage is not a lottery. You would only want to marry once and do it right or else not at all.
Why go through the every day frustrations of endless date or constantly meeting people where you feel "no romantic connection". Quite often, two people spend months and even years dating or living together only to find out they are basically incompatible. Most people do not objectively consider whether their future partner is really compatible with their own basic needs. The best way to truly know whether you have found a long-term compatible partner is to compare each other's charts. You'll learn what areas you and your partner compliment each other, will have to compromise and where you'll likely be challenged (e.g. communications, emotional, financial, domestic and sexual


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