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Capricorn rising signs possess forceful personalities. They have strong self-possession and purpose and are patient when going after something. These "some things" you after are typically a higher net worth, a high social standing and an improved life.

You give an air of financial success so people around you may feel a greater sense of security when dealing with you.

It is very important that you feel that the life you are living stands for something.You are dependable, unchanging and you have dignity.

You have an agile mind and you are intelligent. You are also able to keep your focus.

You are able to dig out data, see the defects in a project and fix those flaws by making a new plan, thus staying ahead.

You look at all the benefits of something and the high-risk involved before going after a goal.

If an adversary has a flaw in their plan, you see it, figure it out and take advantage.You are so shrewd that you run the risk of people calling you a schemer.

You’re inclined to make certain that you address all eventualities; you fret over particulars.

Occasionally, you will reach for something and having it still doesn't make you happy. Something about it is still missing, so you keep going trying to find it in its entirety.

You may at times have a dour view of things and you run the risk of raining on other people’s parades.

You don't use the people that you know to get ahead; you get ahead on your own merit.

The gravy on the "I did it my way" plate is; you often get net worth when you marry. This is because most of the time your union is so blessed it turns into a power couple lifestyle. I would think it is definitely true if you exchange rings with a Taurus or a person with strong Taurean influences.

A show of feelings is not natural to Capricorn. Even so, you do have strong emotions.

Your kind of love is a tender love, an allegiant love and a full love. You also have caring feelings toward humankind in general. In romantic relationships bitterness and the green-eyed monster are always fighting to get out, even though you try to quell them.

One more thing I'll add here is that once someone hurts you, you don't forget and you don't forgive.

One thing that never changes with Capricorn rising people is concern; when you’re in your younger years, you’re worried about what’s going to happen when you are middle-aged. In middle age, you worry about getting old. In old age, you worry about dying.

If you have Capricorn rising, you are inclined to have a sedate character. Not that you’re sad per se, but you sure aren't light and silly. You are guarded in your relations, you're loath to entrust yourself until you know what's going on.

If you don't know a person, you are a bit diffident, subdued and reticent. However when you get to know that person, you can be caring, amicable, communicative and racy.

Capricorn rising signs often have dissension with their male parent and they may experience competition and contention with their siblings.

With a Capricorn rising, an authority figure is critical for you. An authority figure gives you someone to look up to, someone who can guide you along the right path.

When you have this father figure you are ready to take on the world you have all the tools you need, and your natural Capricorn ambition can flourish.

If you are lucky enough in this day and age to have a father that fits this bill for you, great. If for instance you don't have that type of father, then it would benefit you greatly to find a mentor or coach that is a strong authority figure.

If you don't have an authority figure you may flounder, feeling like your life lacks organization. You may also find that you feel alienated or awkward because you lack the self- assurance that comes from the encouragement garnered from an authority figure.

In the end, whether you find your father figure or mentor or not, you will fill this need in other people. When it comes to Capricorn rising men in particular, you may find that you take on a paternal role for others very early in your life. You will be someone to look up to whether you like it or not.


A note about physical aspects: these attributes may not pertain to you because of the First House Planets or Mars' position.

Your physique is probably rock hard, lean or skinny. You probably have nice eyebrows.

You probably have a deep piercing stare, a nice smile with straight teeth. You are probably a good runner or at least you like to run and take walks.


The Moon, zodiac sign and the House they are in pertain to your love affairs and show you how you can learn connect in a better way.

Saturn governs Capricorn and its influence in your chart is very important.

Saturn, zodiac sign and the House they're in will reveal more concerning strong mentors in your life and how, if and where you will find them.

Saturn imparts purpose, ambitiousness, focus, tenacity and forbearance. Saturn also promotes penny-pinching, grimness, standoffishness, sorrow, greed, obstinacy and negativity.

When you have Capricorn rising, you have the sign of Cancer as your opposite. We call this Cancer Setting because Cancer was setting as Capricorn was rising.

I note Cancer setting to you because the opposite setting sign tells of ways to cope with your rising sign. Cancer is the counterweight to the stern or even abrasive conduct you can have as a Capricorn rising. These characteristics of the zodiac sign Cancer complement your zodiac sign.

Cancer setting tells you that you like a mate who's gentle and caring. You want someone who is more of a homebody, someone who likes to be home and make a home. In fact, it would be great for you to marry someone who is a Cancer, you would probably work out a good rhythm you bring home the bacon, Cancer then fries it up in the pan.

The lesson you can learn from Cancer is to show more emotion and it will help you to relate better with your lover especially and other people in general.


Is He or She the Right one for you?

Is it true 1st time you marry for love, 2nd time money, 3rd time companionship,?
I know it's different for everyone, but we all fall under one of those categories.
Some say It's is purely luck when you did it right the first time. Some people aren't so lucky in love, so they go for 2nd or 3rd even 4th time. Yes you learned the lesson from past mistakes. Marriage is not a lottery. You would only want to marry once and do it right or else not at all.
Why go through the every day frustrations of endless date or constantly meeting people where you feel "no romantic connection". Quite often, two people spend months and even years dating or living together only to find out they are basically incompatible. Most people do not objectively consider whether their future partner is really compatible with their own basic needs. The best way to truly know whether you have found a long-term compatible partner is to compare each other's charts. You'll learn what areas you and your partner compliment each other, will have to compromise and where you'll likely be challenged (e.g. communications, emotional, financial, domestic and sexual


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