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Cutting Your Hair By The Phases Of The Moon.

I personally have spent many years of research experimenting with the moon and recording the results. I have no doubt in my mind that using the phases of the Moon for growing your hair works.

Here are the rules:

The best time to cut your hair:

1) If you want your hair grows faster and have a strong hair-roots then cut and feed it during the waхing moon.
2) If you want to slow your hair growth and to strengthen hair-roots cut it during the waning moon.
3) One should not cut hair :
during the new moon (the most critical period for you body)
on the 9th lunar day
on the 15th lunar day (look about your health and the lunar phase for your sign of the zodiac when choosing this day)
on the 23d lunar day
on the 23th lunar day

Lunar and solar eclipse times are unsuitable. Also check the planet’s influence whether it is favorable or not.

The sign of Zodiac is the most important factor to choose the right time for hair-cut!!!

1) The Moon in Aries – hasten the hair-growth with loosing its quality. In general this period is unfavorable for hair-cut because the immunity decreases but the probability of disease increases.
2) The Moon in Taurus, Capricorn and Virgin – A favorable period for hair-growth with less splitting and falling-out. For using chemicals for hair-cut (curling, dyes, etc.) the best time is when the moon is in Virgin.
3) The Moon in Gemini – makes rebel hair but if want to make it curl it can be useful.
4) The moon in Gemini and Scales. A favorable time to make beehive hairdo. A good hair-growth after hair-cut. The hair’s health remains unchangeable.
5) The moon in Aquarius. A good period for experimenting with your hairdo but not try to make it as accustomed. The hair’s health remains unchangeable. Nevertheless when possible avoid from hair-cut.
6) The moon in Cancer and Pisces slows the hair-growth. A good period for those who has brittle and dry hair. A hairdo doesn’t hold the form, rebel hair are not suitable for styling. Shampoo is not recommended.
7) The moon in Leo is favorable for hair dyeing and hair decoration. The hair’s health remains unchangeable. Hair-cut is favorable for making beautiful, silken and voluminous hair. If you have thick hair curling can be unfavorable.
8) The moon in Sagittarius is unfavorable for hair-cut. A hairdo doesn’t hold the form, rebel hair are not suitable for styling. But these days can be suitable for those who wants his hair and career grows faster.
9) The moon in Scorpio does not influence on hair health. Hair can became harder and thicker. It is extremely tight moon phase for hair-cut because it can improve or destroy relations with your opposite sex partner.

A long term observation of lunar phases and hair health interrelations leads to a conclusion that the best time for hair-cut is the Full Moon. It comes from the fact that our organism as biological structure is strongly affected by natural rhythms. The Full Moon period is a point when everything is full filled with Lunar energy. All the surpluses are comes up. During the moon wanes this energy is eliminated from our body otherwise, if we don’t help this process, it is stagnated. Therefore it is recommended to clear up your energy by cutting your hair (just a slight cut is enough).

However, you shouldn’t forget to follow your personal rhythms and look after your health. For some individuals a Full Moon time can be critical so it’s better to choose another day for hair-cut.

The perfect time for hair-cut is a Full Moon time in Leo or in Virgin. These days are infrequent so don’t miss them for doing hair-cut.



Moon Phases

The moon appears to wax and wane, or increase and decrease, through four distinct phases as it orbits around the earth. The cycle from new moon to new moon takes approximately twenty-nine days. Because the moon is our closest neighbor, its movement has significant impact on the earth and its inhabitants. In addition to the obvious changes in ocean tide, the phases of the moon have been shown to affect planting, weight loss, growth, epilepsy, and bleeding, to name a few.

The first phase or quarter, known as the new moon, occurs when the moon's orbit aligns exactly between the earth and the sun. The two are conjunct with one another. Because we only see the moon as it reflects light from the sun, when the sun's light strikes the moon from behind no part of the face of the moon is visible to earth. The moon is dark for approximately the first day of this phase. The dark of the moon is a time for reflection, not beginnings. Because the moon orbits the earth at a faster rate than the earth orbits around the sun, within a day or two the moon will have moved slightly out of the exact alignment and we can see the beginnings of a crescent. This is technically referred to as the new moon. It is a time for beginnings of all kinds. The sun and the moon are in the same sign and can work together to accomplish a task with ease.

As the moon continues to move counter-clockwise around the earth, it will wax to a point where a quarter of the moon's face can reflect the sun's light. This is known as the second quarter or second phase of the moon. At this point, the moon has passed the sun and has moved into a sign three signs ahead of the current sun sign. This creates a ninety degree angle, or square, between the sun and the moon. There is tension between the two most important heavenly bodies. The tension can be harnessed to complete whatever was started during the first phase.

If you are observing the moon and do not know whether the moon is waxing or waning, an easy way to tell is to determine which side of the moon is lit. If the light is on the right hand side of the moon and the dark is on the left, the moon is waxing. If the light is on the left hand side of the moon and the dark is on the right, it is waning.

The next phase, known as the third quarter, occurs when the moon has reached a point where the earth is between it and the sun. The sun and moon are on opposite sides of the earth and are said to be in opposition. This is the full moon because the entire face of the moon is lit by the sun's light. The sun and moon will be in signs that are one hundred and eighty degrees apart. There is great tension between the two and the time for completion has come. Studies have shown that blood loss is greatest during the the week before and after the full moon.

The final phase, before the process begins anew, is the fourth quarter. The moon has now moved past the opposition and is waning toward the upcoming dark moon. The final ninety degree square occurs between the sun and the moon and there is a need to reflect, draw back and restore energy before the moon loses its light completely.



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